Importance of YouTube for the promotion of online music

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Importance of YouTube for the promotion of online music

It has been 13 years since the birth of YouTube and its evolution during this time is more than evident. Today, it has become an essential music platform also for the promotion of artists and record companies. What was originally born as a place for audiovisual content is now competing directly with large channels specialized in online music such as Spotify and Apple Music. The evolution and progress of YouTube The world of audiovisual communication has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Nobody could imagine the change that many business what is your telephone number in german models were going to take, including that of online music . A good example of this is the evolution of YouTube itself throughout its 13 years of life. It all happened in 2005 when two PayPal employees recorded part of an informal meeting, but realized that they had no place to share such content. Sending it by mail was a bad idea, as well as uploading it to the web for reasons of file weight and connection strength at the time. The solution? Youtube.

Since that year, the audiovisual giant par excellence has only grown. Today, it is owned by Google who has begun to bet on its influence within online music . What is it and how it works We are facing the streaming platform in Spain that will compete with other channels such as Spotify or Apple Music. Youtube Music is a catalog of songs and videos linked together to form a complete musical offer. This channel works by means of the data it obtains about each person on the Internet. This allows you to offer playlists with suggested topics. The official figure for the total number of songs is estimated to be around 50 million when their audio and video licenses are combined. A point in favor with respect to other famous music platforms. All these aspects have made YouTube another benchmark for the promotion of artists and record companies. In the same way, independent and amateur musicians continue to take advantage of this great asset so that their music is heard around the world.

Advantages of Youtube Music The truth is that YouTube plays with a certain advantage because it is already one of the video platforms par excellence. While other channels fight for the incorporation of audiovisual content in their ranks, he already has the job done. His catalog of video clips is really interesting. A great tool for promoting music online . The content is a great attraction for the user and the record companies have realized that the Taiwan Database official video clips of the different artists are among the most popular content . The speed with which a video is recorded and uploaded to YouTube has led to the birth of many stars on the music scene. This giant continues its own advancement in online music without worrying about the fame of other music platforms.

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