Important trends that will mark the advertising and digital marketing media in the coming months

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Important trends that will mark the advertising and digital marketing media in the coming months

With spring comes the season of the upfronts in the USA, when the giants of television and, now also, of digital media and the new online players present to the big advertisers what they are going to do and what they will offer them to position their advertisements and their brand messages.

Although the most mediatic of these interventions is yet to come (when the series of the new season are presented), the upfronts have already started. The Digital Content NewFronts edition allows you to know what they are going to do in the digital field and, above all, understand where the market is going, what will dominate and what will be the trends that will impact advertising on the network and in the digital environment.

From the outset, this new season of upfronts has been more sober. At least, that’s what they conclude on Digiday . According to their observations, as the digital media situation has become more complicated (it is clearer than ever that making a profit is  uae number example  complicated and it is not in that phase of massive optimism of the past), companies have been much more sober in their presentations and have opted for less massive and grandiose elements to attract attention. Although they have brought in some flashy names and made some flashy announcements, they have opted for more sobriety.

That helps to understand the state of things and especially how the digital market is no longer that scenario in which great promises are made without having anything really tangible in hand. However, that is not all that can be learned from how things are happening in the industry and how it affects the advertising market. A few more conclusions can be drawn from what they have analyzed in Digiday .

The holistic vision of the media is clearer
Or what is the same: the giants of the media industry are separating less and less the different scenarios in which they operate and how they present it to advertisers. And yes, these trends are being seen in the US market and it is likely that in the European (or Spanish) things are not exactly the same, but we must not forget that the US market is what others learn from.

And what has happened in this negotiating season? The television giants are increasingly integrating what happens with digital video when they do their negotiations in the season of upfronts. That is, they are no longer selling things separately, but are integrating what they offer.

Some industry executives even speak of a “new primetime”, which is what digital video would provide. Instead of letting the digital pure players sell only the digital or highlight it, the ‘usual’ televisions have already begun to sell their position in this field as well.

Possibly the statements of the CEO of Hulu, Randy Freer, serve as a summary that helps to understand what exactly they sell and why. “Streaming is television, it is just better television,” he said.

For the media, the conversion into television studios is already a ‘must’
Buzzfeed has a series created for Netflix that follows emerging topics. Vox , another of the great ‘millennial media’ in the US, also has its own program for the same platform, which works as a collection of mini-documentaries. Vice , meanwhile, has been making content for HBO for years. Emerging media learned fairly early that video and third-party content had become a way to cash in and achieve new sources of income.

They are less and less alone: ​​the media industry has understood the potential of such content and have created a new content offering for VoD, television networks and other buyers, as longform video Digiday recalls. In fact, for the British media, this is one of the great trends that will mark the advertising playing field in the coming months. Condé Nast, for example, has presented 14 television projects. Even the video frontier is increasingly blurred and some players are also beginning to position themselves as generators of ideas for fictional content.

The great concern of brands and companies continues to be the safety of brands
When it comes to advertising more specifically and what companies will do in that area, the industry is still obsessed with brand safety. The issue has been a burning issue for a few months now, when the YouTube scandal made it become a central element in the debate about what was happening and how it affected the reputation of the brand.

The issue continues to be one of the central issues as far as advertising is concerned and as far as content is concerned. Brands remain very concerned about the issue and how it will affect their ads, which is why everyone is using the promise of security to position themselves in the market.

Is it time to end the consumer who always sees the same ad?
In terms of advertising, on the other hand, Hulu has presented another issue, addressing the issue of the frequency of ads. As you recall in the  uae number example  analysis, the company has just introduced limitations. They are not going to let the same consumer see the same ad more than twice an hour and more than four a day. The movement is very limited to the US market, the only one in which Hulu has a presence, true, but it can serve to open the debate on the issue.

After all, for streaming video users who have to suffer from advertising, one of the elements that most weighs down the experience is having to deal with a massive repetition of the same ad.

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