Improve your appearance on Social Networks the easy way

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Improve your appearance on Social Networks the easy way

The appearance in social networks and the way in which you communicate in them, is becoming more important, because for most users they have become the first point of reference for information. In addition, many companies use them to get closer to the public, share news and introduce certain aspects that are not known at first glance. These networks allow us to publish content in order to transmit a message to future users or clients of our website. When we publish a link from our website or a post, cards appear that identify the site with an image, text or even video. These cards have a name that few people know and are very useful when it comes name of person by mobile number in india to positioning in search engines . On Facebook they are known as OpenGraph and on Twitter they are known as Cards . These cards are filled in automatically, so they may not have the appearance that we want, so in this post we will show you two ways to modify their appearance on social networks so that users want to know what our website is about.

How can I modify the cards that I share? Simple mode: via YOAST SEO plugin YOAST SEO plugin. If our site has WordPress , with this plugin you can manage all the necessary information about SEO on your website. Its free version contains very useful tools and it has a more extensive paid version to help the user. Once the plugin is installed , we can modify the data of each page or entry from the WordPress editor itself. Below the post or page editor, we will see that a new section has been added in which all the SEO of the element that we are modifying is found. This section is unique for each item. Social button. In this option, two tabs will appear to be able to modify the Facebook and Twitter share section . SEO settings for page or entry in YOAST Section that appears in each page or post edition in WordPress if you have YOAST installed.

YOAST allows us to add a title , a description and an image . Other aspects such as the web address or the type of content is added automatically, so we only have to worry about these three elements. Of course, there are other alternatives for modifying cards for WordPress in the plugin directory if you are not convinced by YOAST or you are looking to modify all possible aspects. Advanced Mode: via HTML code insertion If our website is not based on WordPress or we are administrators with development knowledge and can modify files on the website, we can do it manually by entering the HTML code in the header (within the <head> tag) of the site. Add Facebook OpenGraph We will show you an example of what a standard OpenGraph would be for Taiwan Database a website. This set will have the following properties: Canonical address: the clean URL that does not have any data or session variables is called a canonical address. < meta property = “og: url” content =Page type: we will indicate if it is a web page, an article or if it is a video page. In the documentation , you can find all the available types. < meta property = “og: type” content = “webpage” > Page title: It should be clear and objective. It should not be longer than 40 characters so that Facebook does not omit the final words.

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