In addition to these tips, from Google they tell us, verbatim

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In addition to these tips, from Google they tell us, verbatim

“You can take into account any SEO aspect that you would have for any other page on your website. If it helps to rank the pages, it will probably help the Stories too. ” That is, everything you already knew to improve the SEO positioning of your articles organically (we advise you this article on 15 key points of SEO writing if you have not seen it yet), you have to take it into account in this case as well. Nothing else was to be expected, was it? After all, it’s about Google. How to use Google Web Story from WordPress Are we already red-handed? Now, we are going to tell you how to use it in WordPress. The Plugin already existed since last summer. However, it was only available in a beta version. It is now when Google has announced that the beta phase has ended and, therefore, the Plugin is now available to be installed directly in our WordPress. You can mobile number directory with name in india download it from the official WordPress website: Plugin for Web Stories in WordPress Once you have it downloaded , you will see that the zip file is called ‘web-stories’, now you will have to install it. This is done from Plugins> Add New . You choose the file from the window that will appear, wait a few seconds and click the button to activate it. Now that you have it activated, you will see that you have a new section in the sidebar of the user panel called ‘Stories’. Inside it, you will find three subsections: Dashboard.

From here you can see the different Web Stories that you have been creating so far. You can rename, duplicate, edit or delete them by simply displaying the menu of any of them. You can also start creating your story from here, through the ‘Explore Templates’ option. All Stories . This section is exactly the same as those for ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’. A list with the different Stories that you have been creating. As you will see, you can edit them, delete them, clone them, etc. Add new . From this section you will be able to create a new publication. Since Google Story has its similarity to other apps, it will make you familiar with Instagram. It is all very intuitive and you will see that you can create both text, images, and geometric shapes … And in each of these elements you have options such as color, transparency, font, size, rotation … And the good begins! And, for this, we 100% recommend that you see this example of how to create your first Google Web Story step by step? Conclusions This new format allows us to provide fast and dynamic content to the user. We already know that stories take place directly in the browser , so we don’t need any specific app to view them.

The only thing to keep in mind is that they can only be viewed from a mobile view . And get away from thinking that content with an expiration date may not be relevant to our site, as it is a demonstration that Stories work and that they can provoke Taiwan Database a reaction in the user that may not provoke traditional static content, such as hooking Username. With everything we have seen in this article, we advise you not to lose sight of Google Stories, you could regret it! What do you think of this new Google functionality?

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