In most cases, when creating a logo, the company name

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In most cases, when creating a logo, the company name

The colors you want to use and, in most cases, a graphic element that best represents the product should be well defined. or service that you will provide. All this is essential to be clear once we are going to create our brand. The importance of the logo as a brand-logo association Keep in mind that a brand is the essence of a company, regardless of whether it is a lamp, a pair of shoes, or generic or easy-to-imitate products. Whereas, a brand is unmistakable, since it is the result of various practices, beliefs and values ​​that represent the identity of a company. A logo is not a brand, but it is a very important part of it ; its graphic representation or symbolic value that list of cell phone companies in canada gives immediate recognition to any brand. In other words, a logo or logotype is an important asset of a company that contributes directly to building partnerships. When a logo is exposed to a consumer, there are certain ideas, concepts or images that consciously or unconsciously come to mind. These symbols have an impact on the way in which the brand is perceived by the mind of the customer and they, in turn, can associate it in a different way but always focused on the same brand. That is why a logo resides in its symbolic and visual aspect that we ourselves interpret and retain. All this generates certain associations in relation to the brand, differentiating it and positioning it in the mind of the consumer.

In August 2017, a thematic investigation was carried out on the impact of a logo on brand associations. This research points out the importance of a logo as part of what is the identity of a brand. Being an important characteristic that manages to define the customer’s decision at the time of making a purchase. The associations of a logo are the result of a series of experiences and the level of liking that a client has towards the logo of a specific brand. What is a corporate image manual? The manual corporate image , is a document that manages to collect within it, all the main graphic elements of a brand and then explains how to visually applied in a correct manner. Both online and offline. This manual shows what your logo looks like, what are the corporate colors, what fonts should be used , among some other things. But, ultimately, all those things that make up the visual aspect of a brand. Importance of a brand manual Using the brand manual is recommended for two main reasons: it helps save time, and it ensures consistency. A business, large or small, needs to constantly generate communication pieces; banners, images for social networks, brochures, etc.

It is very likely that if you have a small business, you will sometimes take care of the designs yourself, but at some point you will have to hire a designer. And that is where the famous brand manual comes into play. When the time comes to entrust a design work to a collaborator, you will only need to send the brand manual and it will find there all the information you need to start working. This manual will save you a lot of time, since all the necessary material will be specified there, such as: what are the RGB values ​​of your corporate color, the typeface you used, among others. On the other hand, if you work with several designers at the same time, the brand Taiwan Database manual will guarantee that they all handle the same information and follow the same criteria in order to develop the designs. This is called ‘brand consistency’. In conclusion, everyone will be able to know what information your logo stores and based on it, work and design in the best way. You will no longer have to worry that they can handle different information and the designs are uneven.

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