In this first step, it is usually all about a small team and the first ‘sketch’ is put into operation.

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In this first step, it is usually all about a small team and the first ‘sketch’ is put into operation.

Therefore, there is no built and defined business plan, nor a prototype with which to reach the market. At this stage, not much funding is required to complete itThat’s why the large amounts of money at the moment are not worrisome. Everything is usually completed with contributions from the founders themselves or from friends and family. Early Stage: Now, there is already a product on the market and it begins to make a large mass of customers who are acquiring it. The company begins to grow, although in a still incipient way. At this time, it is common that there is a growth in the workforce to respond to these first tests or challenges. For this reason, the first benefits arrive and the business model, although not optimal, begins to bear fruit. At this point, a new financial impulse is required, which usually comes from funds and investors specialized in this phase free telephone number search canada of the startup. It is essential to begin to assess what we are doing and also to analyze the competition of our company. Growth Stage: In this phase, it is time to grow; the startup is already created and established, with a more consolidated position in the sector where it operates and stable profits. Little by little, products and services continue to improve and become more competitive . It is in this phase it is important to control the cost structure to face the competition; it is about gaining more market share. Now, the project has been consolidated and with it, the benefits. In this phase of the startup, external financing is important, but the company’s own cash flow solves many of the needs that appear on a day-to-day basis. Expansion Stage: This startup phase, as its name says, is about its expansion; Therefore, it is a phase of vital importance, it is time to expand and reach other markets .

This is a delicate moment, because each step that is taken must be well measured and with a well-defined strategy. At this stage, external financial support becomes essential, despite the also important alliance with other companies to make expansion easier. Exit: Simply put, Exit is about selling the startup. This action can be carried out in different ways: by selling the founders’ shares to another company, by integrating another larger company, or by means of an IPO (public offering for sale). This means the listing of the company. It should be mentioned that this last phase is optional and that not all startups have the objective of exiting, but rather they seek to become long-term, high-value companies. Customer acquisition marketing for startups This type of startup marketing is based, as its name indicates, on attracting new clients for said startup. Based on different strategies and methodologies to achieve it: Promotions: These are always a good claim to attract customers ; although many of the people who come for this, they tend to be not very faithful. Exclusivity: With this technique, you resort to exclusivity in your products and you can achieve good results. Your client, your prescriber: Make the most of the recommendations, opinions and exploit those success stories that you obtain, remember that there is nothing better than a satisfied client. Differentiation, personalization and value: Knowing how to differentiate yourself from your competition, being able to provide real value to your customers, offering security and trust apart from an agile and attentive communication , is the best example you can give of your own brand. Partners and influencers : Apart from our client, we must take advantage of collaborations with influencers and partners to help us spread our brand and attract new clients. Communication: Communication is a fundamental piece in any company, and without a doubt, it will also be the key to success in attracting new customers.

A close attention and adapted to your audience within a multichannel strategy, can be the basis of success within communications . Investor acquisition marketing Within startup marketing, there is attracting investors; undoubtedly, this is a fundamental task for a phase of said startup where the help of an external investment is needed. It should be mentioned that this is not an easy goal, but by following some strategies, you can achieve it. Know and look at what investors want: Basically, investors tend to look at three things; in the person behind the idea , the idea as such and the answer to the question ‘I ‘ll catch up when the ROI ?’. Orient the numbers to a single investor: The idea of ​​obtaining financing is to try to find everything in a single round. This means that you have to be very realistic with your projections. Be a serious investment to get Taiwan Database serious investors: You must show seriousness in your attitude and in your business so that true investors can trust you. Those who can give you real help. From there, you will stop being financed by your family and friends and you will begin another stage, where that seriousness will be very necessary. Conclution If you want to take the journey of starting a business, always keep in mind everything mentioned in this article about startup marketing. Remember that, in order to become great, you will need to be supported by a marketing plan (see our entry on how to make a marketing plan ) or a strategy at all times , which helps you to constantly meet goals and climb steps, with the expansion of your plans always as a vision for the future.

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