In this section you will have two options, which depend on whether Google has information

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In this section you will have two options, which depend on whether Google has information

About your business or not. Claim your business: It may happen that Google already has information about your business. If when adding its name, you see that Google presents it as a suggestion, simply claim it. The information you have stored will be automatically displayed. You must check that it is correct and click on ” next ”. Add your business: In the event that Google still does not have information about your business or company, you must add its full name and enter each of the data that it asks for manually. Fill in your company information. At this point you must concentrate much more than in the previous ones, since it is a key step to appear on Google Maps. You must make sure that all the data entered is correct and that there is no canada phone number details problem ; and very important, that they match the data you have established on your business website. The search engine values ​​consistent information and, as a result, improves visibility when searching. To create your customer file, Google will ask you: Add the address of the company or business. Indicate where you are on the map specifically. Include the category or activity of your company. Your direct contact information (phone, email and website). In the ‘Categories’ section you can add the main activity carried out by your business . Later, you can add additional categories about your business, this will help to include Keywords in your business listing and optimize visibility on Google. You must verify that you are the business owner.

If you already have the complete Google My Business file, this will be the last step. It is time for Google to verify that you are the legitimate owner of the business and in this way, you can have the doors open to appear on Google Maps. You will have the option to choose to have a letter mailed to you with a pin code. This is a slow process since, being a traditional mail, it can take several days. What is most recommended is that you choose the option to call or send an SMS with the verification code. With these last options, the process is much better streamlined. In fact, you can verify your information instantly. Finally, it is important to note that you must verify that your business already appears on Google Maps . Even if you choose the call or SMS option and the identity verification is almost instantaneous, you may have to wait a few hours for your business to appear on Google Maps. Mobile Search: ‘How to get there’ To start or stop navigation on Google Maps , you must follow the following steps: On your Android phone or tablet, open the app on Google Maps . Search for a specific place or press it on the map . View the lower left and press ‘How to get there’ . Holding down the button will initiate navigation and you can skip steps 4, 5, and 6.

Optional : to add additional destinations , go to the top right and lovely ‘More’, and then ‘ Add stop ‘. You have the option of being able to add up to 9 stops; when you’re done, press ‘done’. Now, you must choose one of the following means of transport : Car, bicycle, public transport, on foot or carpool. If other routes are available, they will be displayed in gray on the map . To follow an alternative route, press one of the gray lines. To start browsing , press ‘Start’. If you see the message ‘Searching for GPS’, it means that your phone or tablet is trying to receive a GPS signal. For example, you may be in a garage, in a tunnel, or some other place with a poor GPS signal. To be able to stop or cancel browsing , just go to the bottom left and hit ‘ Close ‘. Finally, as a suggestion, you Taiwan Database can also check the traffic information , the different public transport options you have and the local places of interest in a matter of a few seconds. In order to view the map from your point of view, you must press the compass. Apart from all this, Google Maps also gives you the option to add a shortcut to get directions on how to get to a place you travel to quite frequently , such as a particular address, a university or a job.

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