In this way, the security is sought that the participation of the audience

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In this way, the security is sought that the participation of the audience

Will be totally voluntary and that it will not annoy or harm someone. Remember to look for customers, not dissatisfied users and enemies. Temporary Street Marketing Campaigns: If you have the idea of ​​creating a Street Marketing plan that involves any type of art in a public area, we should make sure that the consequences can be easily and quickly reversed. The use of stickers or graffiti is often recommended, as these are excellent options to make an impression on the attention and minds of consumers, but not on the street. Vision and Mission of the brand how to get a chinese mobile number to promote: This point is very relevant, since you must always be creative, but not excessively, since you do not seek to go beyond creating an image of something that you are not. You must always be faithful to the values ​​of the brand that is being promoted. This in order that potential customers feel satisfied and not disappointed or disconcerted by the connection to the campaign that is carried out. Use social networks and Share: If your potential customers don’t see your plan, then how creative and exciting it is is worthless. So you should always try to document the step by step of the plan, not just the final product, try to do with the elaboration and it behind the scenes. Afterward, plan to share all of those moments in the run-up, during the campaign, and after its launch. All of this is done in order to extend its reach as much as possible. A recommended practice is to upload everything to a YouTube channel , and invest something in paid advertising; This will help to give a greater scope to the Street Marketing plan previously carried out.

Why should you bet on this type of marketing? It is not a mystery that times have changed , and professionals in the area of Digital Marketing have had to reinvent themselves and also change some of their techniques. Citizens are already used to and bored of the billboards on the facades or the posters at the bus stops. It is there where it works its magic, managing to create publicity in public spaces , just where no user expected to see a promotion. There are infinities of ways to implement Street Marketing . The most famous plans can be found in the form of graffiti, stairs, streetlights, or even on the beach. Even so, there is no rule that limits them to appear only on stationary objects. For example, there are companies that hire workers with highly advanced communication skills to promote a good image of that company. One of the options that has had the most impact and that has been used the most in recent years, are the so-called ‘ multitudinous Flashmob’ . At these events, users are encouraged to join the created movement, and the interesting thing is that all of this must appear to be unplanned.

There are many well-known companies that have begun to implement Street Marketing in their advertising campaigns . Among these companies we find Kit Kat , in which her Marketing team had an ingenious idea, and it was to turn a plaza bench into a giant bar of the company’s characteristic chocolate. In this way, people could sit at the chocolate bar, an event that caused emotion among people and they would pose to take photos; without a doubt, an excellent strategy. Also, we can find the case of the company Nike , which installed several sidewalks in the outskirts of New York. But these sidewalks only had the back with the company symbol and the word ” Run ” stamped. Instead of the seat there was nothing, implying to the people that ‘sitting Taiwan Database does not run’. Certainly these are very notorious examples, and like them, you will be able to find many more on the streets or searching the internet for different references. You will notice that, not only is Street Marketing done in banks , you will also be able to see a lot of graffiti and even signs on entire buses. In short, an almost infinite variety of very innovative ideas. As we already mentioned, times change and with it, the way of advertising also evolves. That is why the use of Street Marketing can generate much more attention than a simple billboard in a bus station.

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