Industrial marketing

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Industrial marketing

marketing To speak of marketing is to speak of a term that is too broad and not very specific. Traditional marketing is not the same as digital marketing , for example. And it is that we can divide marketing into many different typologies, among which of course there would also be industrial marketing. You may have heard about Industrial Marketing on some occasion, but do you know what it is? Read on if you want to know what industrial marketing is and how it can help industrial companies grow. Let’s start by understanding what the industry is. What is the industry and what types exist The definition of industry is as follows: the activity of the industry consists   Singapore Phone Number List  of transforming raw materials into products intended for intermediate or final consumption . The foundation of the industry always carries with it a production process that uses capital and labor to achieve its goal. The concept of industry can be included in 3 large groups according to weight: The heavy industry , which produces energy and machines, such as metallurgy, oil, mining … The light industry , which uses half-manufactured products to convert them into capital goods such as machinery or vehicles. The light industry , mainly oriented to the final consumer, for example the textile sector. The main areas of the industry are: Textile Automotive Weapons Electrical Railway Aerospace Window Metallurgical Computing Iron and steel Pharmaceutical Petrochemistry Chemistry Cement Mechanics Robotics Tobacco Food Cosmetics Technological Home appliances What is industrial marketing Industrial marketing is based on the direct relationship between companies .

While B2C marketing is oriented to the relationship between business and consumer, industrial marketing focuses on the relationship between business and business. In other words, in industrial marketing the customer is another company that purchases a product or service with an industrial objective. It has been gaining importance and prominence over the years until today it becomes something fundamental. In fact, industrial companies that do not apply marketing strategies are doomed to instability and to be at the bottom of the industrial market . Marketing for the industry is aimed at increasing contacts and potential customers, sales. For this, it is necessary to work on improving the technical performance of the products through quality controls, technical and technological advances, streamlining processes, automation, etc. that allows to determine the sale prices and add value to the products. Characteristics of industrial marketing Marketing for industrial companies takes place in a setting or environment, the industrial market, characterized by long manufacturing and sales processes . In addition, larger investments are made in the industrial market than in other types of markets and involve negotiations and decision-making that require time for reflection . They are, therefore, more complex and slow processes and must be taken into account as such when planning industrial marketing strategies.

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In this sense, Industrial marketing seeks to increase profits through specific strategies. Industrial marketing occurs in a sector in which the usual is the search for very specific products that require the existence of technology and specialized companies. It is a highly specialized sector in which customers are usually scarce, but where large investments are made . All these factors make it necessary for companies to have sales projections that allow them to maintain their level of production, which is usually high cost. That is why companies need the implementation of Industrial marketing strategies that are based both on the search for new customers and on the loyalty of current customers to improve their growth and obtain greater performance. Objectives of industrial marketing Marketing for industrial companies has one main objective: to Taiwan Database  increase the number of contacts through potential clients interested in acquiring specialized products and with sufficient economic muscle to be able to face the investments that these products entail. However, reaching this goal is not an easy task due to the complexity of the market and the specialization of the product . To all this, it is necessary to add that on many occasions industrial companies have a low or even zero digital profile, so it is necessary to make them aware of this reality and the importance of new digital tools with the capacity to reach more interested potential customers. on your product.

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