Influencer marketing, do you need it in your social media strategy?

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Influencer marketing, do you need it in your social media strategy?

Many of the strategies of social media today are based on the marketing of influencers . The result manages to impact in a more powerful way than with traditional methods. What is an influencer? Most of them are among the millennials and Z generation . They are young people between 18 and 30 years old who have come to the world in the middle of the technological age. For them, the Internet and mobile devices have no secrets, although perhaps they would not know how to survive without their smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. Their world is screened by the network, they blend in with it and redirect audiences. Thus, they make a stronger how do you call a cell phone in ecuador and more active impression than traditional media because, focused on entrepreneurship, in a world with historic unemployment rates, they have been fully employed on their own social channels. Influencer Marketing – Importance in Social Media Strategy For the audience they have become stars of social networks (RR.SS.) and depending on the subject in which they specialize, they are located in one or several networks. The influencers versed in fashion and lifestyle choose to Instagram or YouTube, great visual impact for B2C ( Business-to-consumer strategy to get directly to the final consumer). On the other hand, Tech or Business prefer channels focused on professionals , position themselves in networks like LinkedIn or create their own blog and are more oriented towards B2B . The importance that these figures have reached is due to the change that the audience has experienced. They are better informed customers and also dominate the Internet and social networks.

They use search engines and trust the opinions of other users more. The influencers serve as speaker to a legion of loyal fans. They mobilize opinions and create reactions. They have become brand prescribers. How to make an «Influencer» Marketing campaign? Image of the Ebook of the web design and digital marketing agency IDITAL HOW TO MAKE AN “INFLUENCER” MARKETING CAMPAIGN? Name and surname E-mail I have read and accept the privacy policy : BASIC INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION Responsible: INTERTRAFOR SL Purpose: to send you, by virtue of legitimate interest, commercial information about our products and services. Legitimation: your own consent. Recipient: we will not transfer your data to third parties, except legal obligation. Rights: you can exercise the rights of access, rectification or deletion of data, as well as having other rights at [email protected] Additional information: Benefits of an influencers campaign on social media. A social media plan with influencers brings their confidence to the brand and they transfer it to their audience, to whom they speak naturally. They are very persistent and active in HR.

and they have built a reputation among their followers or followers . That is what interests a brand, because it is reinforced in: – Positioning and visibility – Traffic to your website – Increase of followers in RRSS – Increase in sales – Launch of a brand or a new product or service – Promote brand actions – Claim and organization of events Tips for choosing the most suitable influencers . Each influencer specializes in some theme , so we must choose the right one . And only if it fits with the brand and the values ​​and objectives that we want to convey to the audience, will it be related to the strategy. It is very important to take this into account, since a poor choice of the person who will represent our brand will directly influence the image of our company. This is one of the elements that the digital trafficker specialized in social media will take into account when selecting the influencer for the campaign. We must connect personally, through their channels and with Taiwan Database private messages. We will try to be clear in the presentation of the idea and what we intend with your participation. It is appropriate to remain open to their suggestions. Actually, we are looking for the image of an influencer to reach their audience, whom the influencer himself knows better than anyone. In addition, it is important that the person chosen is up to date with the new functions that appear on social networks. If before it was IGTV , now it is the Instagram reels that are on everyone’s lips. Finally, another way to incorporate influencer marketing is through an agency. We can guide you on which would be the best for your company, contact us !

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