Inspiration to create a corporate identity manual

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Inspiration to create a corporate identity manual

The corporate identity manual is one of the pillars of the brand image that companies will transmit. It is a document in which we reflect in what way our logo has to be presented and in what way all the graphic elements will be integrated in our advertisements or creatives. In this way, it is possible to create a uniform and stable image of the brand , thus reinforcing its identity. With this reinforcement we manage to eliminate many doubts or problems and work in a coherent and orderly way. It is a preliminary document that we can rely on at any time in the development of the brand . It is one of the documents that we must always have at hand and never lose perspective, as it will serve so that any new employee of the company, external manager or external cyprus mobile number worker, such as a marketer , will need to know. The best examples of a corporate image manual These would be some of the most interesting brands: Pot Your identity guide was created more than 40 years ago , and it remains today one of the most modern and interesting examples of all that can be found. Its iconic logo, perfectly recognizable blue colors and the style of most of its pilots’ suits are collected in this guide. We can see, in movies and series, how this design and pattern have been maintained over time and continue to be, even today, tremendously modern. An example that work well done is much more profitable than work done quickly. The conclusion that is drawn is that, if we create a solid and characteristic identity, it will always be modern and current. NASA Brand Image Toledo The city has a very strong visual identity thanks to the use of a mythical figure from popular culture: El Greco . The famous painter used certain patterns in his paintings, as far as colors are concerned.

And these color models were taken by creatives to give a city a graphic and visual identity. Toledo Corporate Manual The clearest lesson we can draw from here is that a visual identity can gain a lot of prominence or meaning if it draws directly from its roots or from previously well-established elements in popular culture. Barneys new york Barneys Corporate Manual The emblematic stores of the big city have a very interesting peculiarity, and that is that they mix the classic logo design with a modernization of its uses thought by the marketing agency hired to create a more current identity. Using classic elements of their style and image, they have achieved a modernization that does not break directly with them or with what they represent . They drink from their origins, but at the same time, they try to update them. Nike Football Brand Standards 09 It is one of the most important brands in the world . Known all over the planet and with a millionaire investment in advertising. It could not be that its brand manual was not an authentic reference in which it is explained, point by point, how to do so that one of the most famous logos in the world continues to be so. A detailed guide on the presence of the logo in stores, garments or events.

What they teach us in Nike’s corporate identity manual is that if a brand sticks to a plan and is very clear about what it can and cannot do, it will create a strong and pronounced brand identity. I love New York As in the case of Toledo, the city of New York has positioned itself on the map as a worldwide reference, and not only because of the city itself, it has also achieved this thanks to the corporate identity that it has been developing . The famous heart logo, with an almost total presence on T-shirts and designs, sent a clear idea: the city was an ideal space for leisure and fun. new york corporate identity manual This was accompanied by festive images, cheerful environments, full of color. Here the logo and all the graphic creatives were focused on a single idea: to awaken a feeling of acceptance, affection and interest towards a city, even for those people who had not yet been to it. Netflix This brand is found in practically every country in the world. And in all of them it perfectly Taiwan Database preserves its visual identity and its communicative coherence, in what way can this miracle be achieved? Well, mainly, with a brand manual in which the main ideas are very clear. This helps us to understand one thing well, the manual is a guide, but also an anchor point for all those communications that we want to make. Therefore, as long as you have a clear base from which to work, you can expand a business as much as you want. In conclusion, having a corporate identity manual is essential to create a good brand image. It is a foothold in time and therefore essential that it is performed by marketers who can create useful and lasting work.

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