Instagram and the power of the image

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Instagram and the power of the image

Everyone has an account on Instagram (even my mother has one to check out the photos we upload). And, its simple way to use makes it accessible to people of all ages. This, among other reasons that I am going to explain to you below, have been key to the success of this social network that has already ousted Twitter. The origin of Instagram In its beginnings, in 2010, Instagram was created as a geolocation application (like any other application that marks  indian phone number list your location). But, soon after, they realized that what really interested people was not knowing their location, but seeing the images of the sites. As a result of this, its creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger , wanted to emulate Polaroid cameras (those instant photo machines), due to that square size of the photos, and hence the name with which they baptized this social network. In 2012, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg , bought Instagram for a billion dollars, almost nothing. Today it is used, basically, to share photos and videos, and already has 800 million active users around the world. But what is the key to your success? How do you manage to be among the first social networks worldwide? There are several reasons why Instagram has had this enormous success . The image is powerful . They contain in them a whole series of thoughts, feelings and emotions that come to you in a single glance.

Simple and straightforward. Its interface is intuitive and this means that it can be used by people of different ages, from young to old, with different cultural levels. In addition we can always have it at hand. The most personal side of your idols. It makes you closer to them and that is why it triumphs so much among the youngest (and not so young). With a single click you can see the most natural side of the people you admire the most. It’s like leaning out of a window to see them directly, really knowing what they are like and getting to know their lives a little more closely. Instagram in your company’s RRSS strategy Do you have a company or business? Well, you can’t ignore this great social network . Think about it, with the number of active users on Instagram (and more and more), your Digital Marketing strategy would not be complete if you did not include it in it, right? We already know that it is a very good tool to reach anyone because, as I said before, we have people of any age in it. Now we have to take into account certain things to take full advantage of all the options that this social network gives us, such as: The image is everything. You have to mold and shape your brand in front of your fans. Make your brand / person / service feel like it has immediacy and authenticity.

Be creative and surprise your audience! Consistency. Remember that your followers are there to see you so it is important that you do not forget about them. The more you have, the more posts you should make. Take advantage of the instastories and show your followers, for a few seconds, a bit of your day. Hashtags. To start you need to find your niche, and for this you must use hashtags. As soon as you start using them, you will see how the followers begin to add you. Once your audience is created, the hashtags will only be related to your audience. We don’t want to abuse them! Filters. In addition to being fun, it is proven that the use of a correct filter improves the interaction of your publications. As a curious note, the most used filters are: Normal, Clarendon Taiwan Database and Juno. Community and down payment. To keep your followers not only photos are enough. If you create contests, user-generated content, emojis, calls to action, allusion to third parties, etc. You will keep them even more hooked on you! After all these opportunities that Instagram gives us to interact with each other, how can we not use it? Remember that at Baética Digital we can help you with your RRSS. And, of course, Instagram is among our favorites.

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