Instagram Reels, the evolution of the social network

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Instagram Reels, the evolution of the social network

Par excellence Recently Instagram launched its new feature ‘Instagram Reels’ . This function comes to compete head-on with the social network Tik Tok. Let’s analyze it! Instagram Reels has come to compete face to face with Tik Tok and try to overshadow this famous social network. In this new format, users will have the freedom to create short videos from audio tracks, also video, and share them with all their followers. An important fact that is worth mentioning is that Reels has existed in Brazil since November 2019 , used as a beta element. It was not until the summer of 2020 that it was launched in France and Germany, and subsequently, since August 5, it is available for Spain and a large number of countries worldwide. Image where the Instagram Reels are seen What are Reels? As we just mentioned, Instagram Reel is a new format of the Instagram how to get a china mobile number in singapore social  network. This means that it is not a separate and independent app , but rather a functionality within the same social network; like Stories, for example. With Instagram Reels you can do the following: Create short videos of up to 15 seconds maximum. Add existing or self-created music . Add different filters and creative effects to it from an already established collection. To be able to increase or decrease the speed of the video . Publish the video in the Feed or in the Stories section or also send it to a friend by direct message.

See the most popular videos locally or worldwide through the ‘Top Reels’ section. This format, which consists of the creation of videos to which music or any audio track can be added, is clearly inspired by Tik Tok and designed for users to ‘playback’ the content and contribute their personal versions. The main difference we get when we compare it with Tik Tok is that Reels videos can only last a maximum of 15 seconds , while those of its competitor can reach one minute of playback. How does Instagram Reels work? Using this new Instagram feature is easy; It was really designed so that anyone, whatever their age, could use it without any problems. We want to tell you a little about this use and its function. How are Reels distinguished within Instagram? In the social network Instagram, you will be able to see the Reels on the home page or in the browser. Reels videos are identified with a clapperboard icon, and you can find it in the lower left corner of the video. Where can you see all the Reels of a specific user? In the user profiles a new tab has been added to show all their Instagram Reels .

Tab you can findnext to those of recent publications, videos IGTV and videos that has been labeled a user. How to upload a video to Instagram Reels? This new Instagram format is located within Stories. This means that you can access it by tapping the top left corner of the home page. To create the first Reels video , you just have to do the following Go to the Stories section of Instagram . Press the Reels option that appears at the bottom, next to other options such as Boomerang or Super Zoom. The Audio options will appear. This will allow you to search for a piece of music in the library that Instagram has. You can also record the song yourself and upload it to use it on your Reel. Any audio that you upload will be attributed to you and if you have a public account Taiwan Database , other users can also use it in their videos. Augmented reality effects ‘AR’ (you also have the option to record several clips with different effects, you only have to select one of the effects from the gallery offered by the social network). Alignment (this option allows you to align the objects of your previous clips before continuing to record the next ones. This way, you can create much smoother transitions of different moments. Like, for example, the times you change clothes or if you decide to add friends new to Reel ).

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