InstaStory: How Instagram Dethroned Snapchat

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InstaStory: How Instagram Dethroned Snapchat

Since 2016, the social network Instagram has adopted a function called Instagram Stories or InstaStory. Its main quality is to be able to grant users the possibility of creating photos or short videos that are deleted 24 hours after their publication. In addition to this, users of the social network will also be able to add stickers , drawings and emojis to decorate their photos and videos. Regarding the issue of posts disappearing after 24 hours, the developers have said that their purpose is to allow users to share more informal Posts about their daily activities. Brief review on Instagram Stories As we mentioned earlier, in August 2016 Instagram launched Instagram find owner of cell phone number canada free Stories. This feature gives users the freedom to take photos or videos, add layers and effects to them. The images or videos that are uploaded will be automatically deleted after a period of 24 hours. A few months later, in November, Instagram added live video functionality to Instagram Stories. With this, users are allowed to broadcast live and thus have more contact with their followers. After the recording is finished, the video disappears immediately. In January 2017, the social network added advertisements that can be skipped. In this section, images of 5 seconds duration or short videos of 15 seconds appear.

These are included between the different stories. That same year, but in April, Instagram added the possibility of placing augmented reality stickers on videos or recordings. This was taken as a ” clone ” of one of the Snapchat functionalities . In May 2017, the social network expanded the functionality of the augmented reality stickers a little more to be able to support face filters . This allows users to add very specific visual features to their faces , in a very creative and realistic way . Later in May, Instagram announced the ability to search the InstaStory. Users can search for hashtags or geographic locations and the application displays the content of relevant public Stories at the end of the search. Later, in December 2017, the social network Instagram reviewed the functionality of live video, to allow users to add the transmission made to their story for 24 hours . Or, discard the transmission immediately when the recording is complete. Then on December 5, the ” featured story ” feature was added to the Instastory. These do not expire and can be viewed again directly in the user’s profile. Impact of Instastory on your audience Marketers have come to the conclusion that Instagram Stories has a great reach. In addition, they have a strong impact on the audience of a professional or company account . This is because a large number of users are limited to reviewing the stories before reviewing the feed.

That is why many brands and professionals have chosen to share their advertising or their most valuable content through this tool . In this article we are going to comment a little on the impact of this function on your audience, based on the statistics that the social network allows us to manage. The first thing is that, if you want to take full advantage of the benefits of Instagram Stories statistics, you must have a business account . Once you have a company account, you can go to a story that you have published and scroll up , so that its statistics appear . What do the statistics of Instagram Stories indicate? Instagram analytics and statistics The Instagram statistics Taiwan Database function is something similar or similar to what you will find if you enter your Google Analytics account . The data that we will find there is important to know what impact our content has had on our audience. Below, you will find a summary of what each number that appears there means. Impressions : The impressions are just the number of times your story has been viewed . This metric will also allow you to see if someone has reviewed your content several times and that is a good indicator to see if your audience finds your content attractive and valuable.

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