Interview With Omar Rios – Chamba Para Creativos

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Interview With Omar Rios – Chamba Para Creativos

We share with you the interview we conducted with Omar Ríos in 2016 . Omar is the founder of Chamba para Creativos , the virtual platform for marketing and advertising job searches in Peru . Currently this platform belongs to the communication medium Mercado Negro Peru. instagram icon facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon Facts about Omar Rios Omar Ríos is an entrepreneur, publicist and marketing professional who began his career in agencies within the media area. After a few years he created his own company in the area of ​​design for various brands. In addition to this, he dedicated himself to teaching in different schools and marketing centers in Peru. A few years ago, Omar moved to the United States where he continues to work as a freelance marketing consultant.

How chamba for creatives is born In the next point, Omar tells us about the curious process of creating Chamba for creatives. (Video: Second 43) Around September 2010, Omar had a heavy workload as he received numerous requests for information from his friends and students. On the one hand, his friends asked him for contacts of marketing professionals and on the other, his students asked him for information on job positions. Then one China Phone Number Omar makes a post on his social networks saying that “it was not an employment agency” and that he could not help them. As a result, he received several comments in which his colleagues and students told him that it would be a good idea to create an employment agency exclusively for the marketing field.

Facts About Omar Rios

This is how, almost by chance, in 2011, Omar created Chamba for Creativos. From the beginning, the central premise of this project was to become a website to unite agencies and creatives. And he succeeded, since as soon as it was launched, Chamba for creatives received very positive reactions, both in Peru and in other Latin American countries. How do you create content for your page? Omar maintains that he is not only in charge of publishing about the job searches of other pages. In addition, he is constantly surfing the net to discover new relevant information. But on the Chamba para Creativos platforms he also includes content about work experiences and situations that happen to all professionals.

China Phone Number

Likewise, it maintains that the best time to publish content can be from noon to 12pm. But in practice it depends on what you think when publishing. For example: early morning posts considering users who can’t sleep and are working. So actually every hour would be a good time to post. It should only be based on what the user is doing at a certain moment. That is why Omar dedicates 24 hours a day to Chamba para Creativos. His goal is to see what is happening at the moment and how he can improve the platform, following the statistics. In that sense, he keeps reviewing tools to better measure what has been done and sees how the conversation about the platform is taking place. On the other hand, Omar refers to the difference between a scheduled post and a real-time post. In his work he usually uses these two forms so for him, both can be good.

How Chamba for Creatives Is Born

For which he can say, according to his experience, that success depends a lot on the posting approach. What is an Insight for Omar Ríos. At minute 03:27, Omar gives us his opinion about what an insight is. For Omar, insight is a truth, it is part of everyday life. Something that not exactly one has it in the conscience. But when listening to it you feel identified with that situation. Therefore, it can be said that it is a true situation that happens on a daily basis. The importance of social networks At 04:08, we asked Omar if he had imagined that. Social networks would be so important today. He tells us that he considers that today the RRSS move the world and make things bigger. Thanks to them, everyone can give their opinion and that can be wonderful on the one hand. Or you have to take it with care.

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