Is Email Marketing Still Useful?

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Is Email Marketing Still Useful?

Email marketing. How many times do we talk about this marketing and communication strategy trying to convince our clients that it is really effective and then, even when we start to do it for ourselves, we wonder the same questions as always: Is it still effective? Will people open my email? Won’t it be spammed? It will be interesing? Do we believe that they will not tire, they will unsubscribe and we will lose their contact? And so we can go to infinity, take a turn, go back and in the next email marketing campaign, ask ourselves the same questions. And even if we have the answers, doubt will fly over our heads. Why so many doubts? These questions indian mobile no database in reference to mail marketing arise perhaps from ignorance but also from saturation. Every day we receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails in our inboxes. In fact, most of us have email accounts intended for this, to receive content from accounts to which we have subscribed because we like or interest their news but we do not want them to “dirty” us or fill our inboxes. of work email accounts. This is so and it is a reality, but what is also true is that email marketing, today, continues to work.

The doubts are mostly about this. Because there is a lot and when this happens, we think if sending more of the same will have a positive effect or on the contrary we are wasting money, time (which in the end is money) and annoying the user. Do not worry. We are here to solve these doubts. It is normal for you to have them. Even you are saturated with so much email but, we ask you a question to answer the initial question: Despite having and receiving so many emails in your inbox, don’t you still subscribe to those blogs, online magazines, businesses and other places that Do you like them and are you interested in receiving news, offers, promotions and anything else that may be useful to you? YES! And you know. This is so. We keep leaving our email address so they can send us more things. So there is the key to why email marketing works. Why does email marketing work? Because it is proven to work. Because we can also test and measure it every time we send an email.

Because we have a lot of information about each information output in this format. Because we know you like it. But … why do you like it? The email marketing or receive an email containing your brand / product / service in our inbox for several reasons like insurance, you will identify in your daily life : It is comfortable: indeed. Receiving an email in your inbox is very convenient. You are at home, at your work and either on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you will receive the information that is super useful (that promotion you were waiting Taiwan Database for to go on a trip) directly without having to go to the specific place to look for it ( either a physical or online store). It is more than comfortable. You do not have to look for anything, everything comes to you and almost always, at the right and appropriate time. Why does it always come when you need it? Could it be the power of attraction? Well it could be but it’s really because marketing and emotional techniques and strategiesthey are more than developed and you know when is the best time to send something.

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