Is it better to close the comments if you don’t reply?

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Is it better to close the comments if you don’t reply?

There are some bloggers who have chosen to close the comment field. I would like to know your opinion about it. I do not think you can talk about a trend but I find more and more blogs that close their comments or at least are considering it. In my case it is not like that. Despite not responding to all comments, it is not something that I have proposed. Close photo rights Like this, what I am commenting on may sound surreal to you since you would Qatar Phone Number List already like to get comments but despite trying your best you do not get them in the amount and frequency that you would like. It’s certainly great to get feedback from readers . In case your blog is gaining in traffic, there may come a time when you want to change visibility for loneliness because it can generate stress to always be at the height of what they read to you. Do not forget that most bloggers do not live directly from their blog so it is usually a hobby that requires a lot of time to maintain it.Qatar Phone Number List

In case of responding only to a part of the comments (as is also my case). Would it be better to completely close the comments so as not to leave that feeling of lack of involvement on the part of the blogger? As I said above, it is not something that I have raised but I would like to know your opinion about it. In the comments, of course, of course … Depending on the contributions received, I would give you a continuation with a participatory post summarizing the best opinions and advice. If you want to appear there with a mention of your social Taiwan Database  networks or blog, simply leave that information along with the comment. Among all those who participate, my book in paper version “Guerrilla Marketing for brave entrepreneurs” will also be raffled (regardless of whether you come out later in the summary of the participatory post or not). You will tell me what you think …

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