Is it better to optimize conversion or conversation on a blog?

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Is it better to optimize conversion or conversation on a blog?

What comes before when you optimize a blog? The conversation or the conversion. These are my conclusions after 5 years with this blog. I will not ask Victor Campuzano this question because he already knows the answer . Lately I am very focused not to say obsessed with the topic of conversion . conversion or Austria Phone Number List photo rights Without a doubt , contact acquisition is an essential step for any blogger or entrepreneur who wants to generate business through their blogging activity. There are two possible scenarios: optimize for conversion or encourage conversation. Let’s get down to business. Advantages and disadvantages of optimizing by conversion Most of us tend to be impatient. Getting quick results may be the most attractive option for many.

Short-term lead generation A new blog can generate leads from day one. The use of pop-up forms, attractive hooks in the form of e-books or videos and optimal navigation simplify the process. The lack of traffic from Google can be compensated with traffic campaigns from Facebook Ads or similar platforms. Contacts that require a higher level of quality Having many subscribers does not mean being able to generate sales. We easily forget that an activation phase is always required . Therefore there is a relationship between open, clicks and conversion rates and the speed of having achieved a lead .

Using aggressive conversion techniques you can achieve many contacts in a short time but this does not mean that they will then open your emails, click on your links and unless they buy from you. There is a certain danger that the branding effect is not achieved so that people remember us. In the worst case, this can result in a high ratio of users who mark emails as spam because they do not remember that they were registered at some point. Advantages and disadvantages of optimizing by conversation
Blogs are made to encourage conversation. They are an ideal environment that allows the creation of communities with the aim of helping each other. The process of fostering conversation is slow and laborious When your blog starts, it usually takes a long time until you have the first comments. In my case I was lucky that it was relatively fast. There was a time where on average there were 10-20 comments on average per post. If I had only invested 2 minutes to answer each of them, I would have invested 20-40 minutes per post or between 2-6 hours each week. There came a time where I simply had to accept that publishing a daily post meant sacrificing the conversation with readers.

The conversion ratio at the time of sale is highAustria Phone Number List
Despite not having much visible conversation, I receive many messages by email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn from readers, so the conversation remains intact. This is also shown by the immediate response when launching a new course. The conversation rate is high because I reach people who have already followed my content for months or even years. I don’t have to sell the bike to them because they are clear about what they can expect from me. My summary, conclusions and learning from the last few years is this: there is no conversion without conversation. No matter where you start with, it is not a question of “OR” but rather of “AND”. Confidence is the linchpin that any sales equation requires.Conversation is a key pillar of Taiwan Database a blog and is reflected in many ways. Taking the time for people you don’t know of anything and helping them solve their doubts does not only help to improve online karma. It also brings great personal satisfaction. If in the end we bloggers are all selfish .

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