Is it better to write a very long post or create a series of articles?

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Is it better to write a very long post or create a series of articles?

When you start with a blog you can have all kinds of doubts. If it is better to write long posts or divide them into series is one of them. This morning I was invited to the Sunrise Blog Club of Nativo Social . It was a very fun session with bloggers from Seville. We connected via Skype and they gave me a short interview to share my experience on the topic of blogging. split Tunisia Phone Number List photo rights One of the questions that arose was whether it was better to make very long posts or create series of articles. In the past he was in favor of removing it in parts to build loyalty to the reader. Things change over time so it cannot be generalized and it is better to see things in their specific context. What I would do as a beginner blogger It is not the same to be a beginner blogger or one that already has an existing community. In the first case you have to create a history. You have to prove that you are worth and you can contribute something to a user who finds you for the first time. In this context, I would recommend making use of long and very well-crafted posts. The reasons behind are as follows. A long post will be perceived as higher quality . If the user is interested in the subject, it is saved in favorites or sent by email to read later. There is a greater probability of generating recurrence . You have a better chance of leaving your mark and that after reading the article the blogger agrees to return at a later time.

It is easier to achieve external diffusion . Especially when you mention other bloggers who already have a community. If you give it a touch there will always be someone who will make a mention of you on their social networks. The first impression is what counts when you introduce yourself to the blogosphere for the first time. A very long and currado post allows you to leave your mark more immediately than a short post. In the beginning I would focus on creating articles of 1,000 to 10,000 words. What I would do when you already have a community of readers As I said before, this issue has nuances. Always doing the same thing can get tired at some point. Once you have reached a small community of readers I would also add the type of article that is delivered in series. You have already shown in the past that you are capable of adding value, so the generation of expectations generated by this format should work for you . A blogger who does not know anything is not going to achieve the same results using series of articles. Here are some advantages of dividing large content into parts:Tunisia Phone Number List

They are quicker to compose and avoid the blogger having to think over what he wants to write every time. They help to get new subscribers among those who already read you but until now had not left their email. Creation of an e-book that you can announce from the moment you launch the series once it is finished. In general, creating a digital book is a very long process and in this way you are motivated and forced in equal parts to do it. It does not mean that once you have achieved a certain journey with your blog you should no longer create mainstream Taiwan Database content . How in everything you have to find a good mix. I do not believe in absolute truths so you have to adapt the strategy to your own personality and community. You don’t have to stop trying and innovating. That’s the whole “secret” …;)

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