Is it good or bad that I copy the contents of my blog?

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Is it good or bad that I copy the contents of my blog?

Did they just copy you a post from your blog? Do not panic. In most cases this is good news. One of the most read posts on my blog is about copying third-party content correctly. It is a topic that generates more concern and indignation among bloggers to whom it happens for the first time. Typically every time I publish a new post on this blog, 5 or more copies automatically appear on third-party blogs through the RSS feed. copy Ecuador Phone Number List photo rights Since I installed a new plugin, it has stopped working and with it no more automated copies appear. It is also the answer to the question of many of you about the reasons why you no longer receive my content through this channel. It’s a conflict between the feed and this plugin that I’ll have to fix at some point. Having a post copied to you in most cases is not a proble Rule number 1. Breathe deeply and don’t panic . Most bloggers don’t have to worry too much as long as they have made sure to immediately index their posts on Google. Through the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) you can quickly send a URL to Google. Here is a tutorial in Spanish for those who do not feel so comfortable in English. In this way you increase the probability of actually being the first to index the post (and not the one who copies it to you).

In most cases the posts are not copied with the intention of “stealing” them . This for me would be the case whenever someone tries to index it first and / or wants to give the feeling of being the original author of the post. As long as you are the first to appear on Google when you search for the entry article, you do not have an SEO problem. Rather, the person who steals the article has it because Google will consider it as duplicate content, which is a penalized technique . What do I do when I realize that some content has been copied from me Even if you are not cited as a source, you should not be overly enraged. From experience I can tell you that it is not worth it. I can understand anger if it is done by a well-known medium or blogger. In this case you would probably have to revise the penultimate sentence. You have different options to react if you can’t help it: Phase 1 : write an email and ask the blogger or means to quote you correctly or directly delete the post.Ecuador Phone Number List

Phase 2 : if before the first contact you have no feedback or reaction, you can refer the case to a lawyer. This does not guarantee an immediate solution, but at times it can be intimidating enough. Every month I usually receive a notice from a reader that blogger x has copied a post from me. I usually say thank you but I don’t take any action. I consider it an Taiwan Database honor as long as they copy me and quote me at least at the end of the post . Even if they don’t, I don’t start sending emails. It would be a waste of time.

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