Keyword cannibalization: what it is and how to avoid it

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Keyword cannibalization: what it is and how to avoid it

Have you heard of keyword cannibalization? If you want to know what keyword cannibalization is , why it occurs and how to avoid it, keep reading the post. We will tell you! What is keyword cannibalization Keyword cannibalization is a popular term in SEO . Keyword cannibalization is a phenomenon that occurs when within the same site there are different pages trying to rank for the same keyword . That is, within a website there are several indexed pages that compete for the positioning of the same keyword. How can the cannibalization of keywords affect a website The search engine can not identify which page within the site is most relevant for a specific keyword Belarus Phone Number List . The search engine is not able to know which is the page that best responds to the user’s query . It reduces the CTR of the pages that compete with each other and, therefore, also their traffic and positioning. It is a waste of crawl budget . If two URLs of the same site fight to position the same keyword Google wastes time crawling two pages that deal with the same thing. It is a waste of domain authority because the authority is divided between two pages that try to position the same thing. Can keyword cannibalization be positive? I would not dare to say that keyword cannibalization can be positive. Although it is true that in some specific cases it may not be so harmful . For example, in an online store in which there is a keyword cannibalization for similar products we can find some advantages.

Although the search engine shows several pages of the same site for the same keyword, since they are similar products, it is responding to the user’s query. In addition, keyword cannibalization provides greater visibility to the website, which can have several entries on the results page. Having several entries from the same site in the search results for a certain query can displace the entries of the competitors, forcing the user to scroll to view them. When the user, who is not an SEO expert, sees several entries for the same site in the search results, it does not identify it as a keyword cannibalization and may think that your page is better because it has greater visibility. Why Keyword Cannibalization Occur A keyword cannibalization can be due to various factors. On many occasions, keyword cannibalization are caused by poor planning or by the webmaster’s ignorance . Bad content planning : When we have a blog, a website or an online store it is important to think about a content strategy . When there is no strategy or content planning, a certain lack of control can occur that can lead to keyword cannibalization. It is important to have a clear structure on the web in which to organize content according to a strategy and planning. In this way we will avoid that several pages fight each other to position the same keyword.

Bad link strategy : Links are essential in SEO strategies and it is important to keep track of them. When we establish the anchor text of the links, it is necessary to make it meaningful to avoid that they can be stepped on and point to the same search intention. By using the same anchor text for two different pages within the same website, we can incur a keyword cannibalization. How to avoid keyword cannibalization Ideally, to avoid keyword cannibalization is that each URL within the site points to a different keyword . In this way we will prevent two or more pages of our website from competing with each other to achieve the same keyword. The ideal is to bet on different   Taiwan Database  keywords for each page. Thus, Google can easily identify which page to position for each search. To do this, you can help yourself with a keyword tool or keyword planner, which will help you in choosing each of them. In some cases it may be unavoidable to focus each page on a keyword . If that happens, the ideal would be to create a main page of the category, product or service and that from it the user could access the different pages or subcategories, where we would include a canonical tag pointing to the main page. Now that you know what a keyword cannibalization is, why it occurs and how to avoid it, you can put our advice into practice.

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