Keyword finder: what is it and which are the best

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Keyword finder: what is it and which are the best

One of the most laborious tasks of SEO copywriting is the search for keywords and subsequent selection of them. To find the best keywords for your website, it is advisable to use tools such as keyword search engines . In today’s post I explain what a keyword search engine is, what it is for and what are the best keyword search engines. What are keywords or keywords? Before explaining what a keyword search engine is, it is essential to clarify the concept of keywords. The keywords or keywords are the words or phrases that we use within the content to position it . It is important that the keywords fit as closely as possible to the content and define it correctly. Keywords help Google determine which searches your content should appear in . On web pages   Hungary Phone Number List  and blogs it is common to opt for informative keywords such as “SEO WordPress plugin”; while in online stores it is more common to find transactional keywords such as “buy cheap iPhone X case”. Finding the perfect keyword is not difficult. Practice is very important in this sense, you will see that you do it better every time. An effective keyword search can lead to success in positioning your content . Don’t miss out on these tips on how to choose your keywords correctly. What is a keyword search engine? A keyword finder is a tool that helps you find the right keywords . When carrying out keyword research or keyword search, it is necessary to use a keyword search engine. Thanks to the keyword search engine we will be able to discard the keywords that do not interest us until we find the right keyword.

The best keyword search engines Nowadays there are a multitude of keyword search engines and every SEO professional has their favorites. Each keyword search engine has its own functionalities and peculiarities that make it special. There are different keyword search options. We can distinguish between a free keyword search engine and a paid keyword search engine. Next we are going to see which are the best free keyword search engines and the best paid keyword search engines . keyword finder Best free keyword search engines Is it necessary to pay to have a good keyword search engine? The answer is no. A free keyword search engine can be very useful for you. There are many very good free keyword search engines. These are the ones I like the most. The Google Keyword Planner It is the most widely used free keyword search engine . There are many SEO professionals who work with Google Keyword Planner on a daily basis. In fact, the Google Keyword Planner is one of my go-to digital marketing tools. The Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Planner shows a list with an approximation of the volume of monthly searches for a given keyword in Google. To obtain more specific information about the monthly searches that a keyword has, it is necessary to have an active Google Adwords campaign. To use Keyword Planner correctly it is important to configure both the country and the language. Thanks to Keyword Planneryou can check if a keyword has traffic or not . Being Google’s own tool, it provides reliable data regarding monthly searches for a specific keyword. Google Trends This is another tool that can serve as a free keyword search engine .

Like Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends has also been created by Google. Google Trends allows you to know what the search trend is for a keyword and see how it has evolved over time. Google Trends allows you to filter by country, period of time and type of search . In addition, with Google Trends you can compare the search trend of up to five terms. Google Trends will let you know which keywords have a positive search trend and which ones have a negative trend. The information obtained through Google Trends will help you in your search for the perfect keyword. You may be interested in this post on how to use Google Trends for SEO . It does not provide real data on the number of searches for a keyword, but a proportional approximation through a line graph. Once you have identified the keywords that may be interesting for your website, I recommend that you go to Keyword Planner to find out their search volume. Übersuggest It is another example free keyword search engine . In this case, it is a really interesting keyword tool to identify longtail keywords from a keyword. If you have a blog associated with an online store or website, Übersuggest can be useful to find new longtail keywords to position on your blog and that are related to the keywords you use on your website or online store. Keyword shitter It is a free keyword search engine very similar to Überssugest. Like the previous keyword search engine, it is very practical to detect longtail keywords based on a specific keyword. Once you have identified new keywords in Keyword Shitter, it is interesting to enter them in the Google Keyword Planner to know the volume of searches they have.

If you also want to know the evolution of the trend of your searches over time, you can check it in Google Trends. Found It is a very intuitive and easy- to-use free keyword search engine . You may Found is the search engine keyword less known that I have presented, however, is quite useful. With Found you can find new keywords from the combination of several words . Found’s main advantage over other keyword search engines is that it creates the word combinations automatically , saving you the trouble of having to do it manually. Once you have obtained the  Taiwan Database  of keywords you can copy and paste it in the Keyword Planner to know its search volumes. The best paid keyword search engines Paid keyword search engines have the advantage of providing very interesting additional information . In many cases, they are very complete digital marketing tools that offer, among many other functionalities, that of a keyword search engine. These are my favorites. SEMrush It is one of the most complete SEO tools . With SEMrush you can get a lot of very valuable information and you can choose from multiple options available. SEMrush allows: Get keyword listings , both with phrase matching and related keywords Check which keywords on your website take the top 20 positions in the SERPs Know what keywords your competition ranks and know the volume of searches The competition that keywords have and the CPC of each of them, among many other things. It is true that there is a free version that allows you to see up to 10 results , although to get the most out of it it is necessary to hire one of the payment options of the tool. Sistrix It is a professional SEO tool with which you can obtain very useful information from both your own website and those of your most direct competition. Among many other features, SISTRIX allows you to detect new ideas about keywords and check with which keywords your competitors are positioned. It is a German payment tool. It does not allow searches or research without being registered, although it does offer a free trial period. Do you want to know more about how to search for SEO keywords with SISTRIX? And you, what keyword search engine do you use? Do you prefer a free keyword search engine or a paid one that offers you a wide range of possibilities?

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