Know everything about the KPIs of an e-commerce

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Know everything about the KPIs of an e-commerce

The efforts made in a project are undoubtedly the quality indicators or KPIs . Good positioning with KPIs is key The rise of online commerce or e-commerce means that the owners of this type of business need to take into account the positioning of their website in search engines, the number of visits they receive and, above all, the amount of sales they make. They require a series of tools to measure the profitability of the business, which will allow them to remain competitive. What are KPIs? Performance indicators or Key Performance Indicator ( KPI ) german cell phone number example are the metrics that allow us to analyze the productivity of the actions that are being carried out online . This allows you to compare, measure and, above all, decide what are the best actions to be able to meet the objectives that have been previously set. Main KPIs to measure the performance of an e-commerce? To analyze and know how close you are to the objectives when referring to an online store, it is necessary to know the following indicators. Online store traffic thanks to KPIs What is the number of visitors to an e-commerce ? Obviously, the greater the number of visits a website receives, the greater the probability of making sales . The analysis of this indicator periodically is very important, since it will allow us to know if the actions that have been carried out in the digital strategy meet their objective or not .

Visits to product views What are the most visited pages of an e-commerce ? If you know which pages are the most visited, it is easier to find out which products are most valued or demanded by customers. Therefore, you can have a more approximate idea about the most common preferences and tastes among users of that website and use them to increase sales . Conversion rate It is the most important performance indicator in an online store and is used to know how many people “convert” or materialize the purchase. In case the conversion rate is not as expected, there are some elements that can be improved during the purchase process to increase it. Exit Pages It is as important to know the elements that promote a new sale as the factors that drive users to leave the page of an online store . Average order value To increase the sales of any type of business, it is necessary to work both the number of customers that can be attracted and the value of the average ticket of each of the buyers, which is the result of dividing the total sales by the number of orders completed.

This is very important, because it is easier to sell more to regular customers than to get new customers. Increasing the value of each order will boost cash flow. Purchase recurrence With this KPI you can know the degree of loyalty and satisfaction of a customer. Seasonality With this indicator you can know the periods of greatest and least number of sales. In this way, specific strategic campaigns can be prepared. Cart abandonment rate If the cart abandonment rate Taiwan Database during the purchase process is high, you need to know the reason . It may be due to a system failure when applying a discount, high shipping costs or for any other reason. In summary When you want to be successful in an e-commerce, it is convenient to measure and analyze the KPIs , in this way you can know what is happening at all times and quantify the objectives that are achieved.

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