Know how consumers perceive a brand

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Know how consumers perceive a brand

What are the points to improve and how is said brand in relation to its competitors. Choose which social networks are the best . Depending on the objectives, it will be necessary to choose some social networks or others. It is not necessary to be in all of them. In addition, it must be taken into account that social networks have different types of public, so the messages must be adapted to each one. Choose the tone and style . How the company is going to position number france itself. For example, Netflix is ​​a company that has decided to bet on humor. Plan the contents . What type of content to publish and in what proportion. What percentage will be information, promotion or increased traffic, etc. It is about defending the importance of designing a strong digital identity and being able to correctly transmit the company’s brand values, as it is the key to differentiation.

Tips to improve the digital identity of your brand 1. The first impression is the one that counts the most This phrase can be applied in almost all stages of life, both for better and for worse. This first impression, that both a client and a user take both of us and of our brand, is essential that it be the best possible. This first impression is reflected by the language used; the logo, the colors, the typography and the designs. No matter how well our brand’s digital identity is configured, the only important thing is that the consumer gets a good impression. 2. Optimize your content The content that is shared and that consumers perceive your brand is how it is communicated and what transmits the digital identity of the brand. Therefore, the way in which it is done will bring the consumer closer to or away from our products or services. Using high-quality content will add credibility, increase consumer confidence, and make your brand stronger and more transparent .

3. Use multimedia content An image is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand images. Consumers are proven to like audiovisual content. In addition, the use of audiovisual content increases the conversion rate , so it is highly recommended to use good audiovisual material either to sell our products or services or simply to give content about how they are used, or their benefits. 4. Keep a consistent strategy From the beginning we must be clear about the path that we are going to follow when communicating the brand identity of our business. It is very easy to get off track, but we must establish the concepts and be consistent. 5. Use a single name, logo and style Your name, logo and colors form the image of your brand. We must be Taiwan Database very constant in its use, give a corporate character to our material and that wherever our brand goes, transmit the same identity. Thanks to that, we will strengthen our brand. We hope we have helped you understand a little more about the digital identity of the brand and how it should be used. A strong brand will enhance the identity and brand image of your business.

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