Launch Your First SEM Campaign: Basic Guide In SEM Creating an SEM

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Launch Your First SEM Campaign: Basic Guide In SEM Creating an SEM

Campaign is not child’s play; It is true that anyone can do it, however, not everyone can do it successfully. If you have never done it, you should know that it is not sitting down to write words and that’s it; behind every ad there is a great deal of planning and strategy. But don’t be scared! that is not my intention. Of course you can do it yourself and of course you can do it fantastic to see results in no time; however you must follow a process, only then will you guarantee results. Our marketing agency in Valencia has extensive experience in campaigns for Google Ads; For this reason, in this blog post I want to share with you a micro guide to launching your first SEM campaign . Keep in mind that this entry is aimed at people without experience in the field; entrepreneurs who want to test the results of such a campaign. Without further ado, let’s start afghanistan directory with this micro guide. Why mount your first SEM campaign? There are many reasons to do so; from testing how well it works for your business to finding a google coupon and thinking “why not?” A campaign in Google Ads allows you to give your business greater visibility; This in turn allows more people to enter your website and ultimately purchase your product or service. However, when talking about an SEM campaign , you basically have two options: Display network. Generally used for remarketing, present your ads to potential customers graphically while they browse other websites. Search network. It shows text ads as a search result when a user enters, in the search engine, one of the keywords that you have chosen for the ad. In this post we will place special emphasis on search ads.

To create an SEM campaign on the search network, these are the steps you must follow: Step 1. Create your account The first step is to create your account in Google Ads. For this first step you must have a gMail account that you can link; If you don’t have it, you must create it before you start. To create your Google Ads account, go to Enter your email and choose a password. Follow the steps and verify your email address. Step 2. The campaign The campaign contains the general settings; How much do you want to invest? What are your goals? Choose to run a campaign following the instructions that the system itself will give you. Assign a name to the campaign, pay attention to the name, and decide where you want to target your ads. Also make sure that the name tells you something about the campaign so that it is easier to identify it later. Define a maximum daily budget; this budget does not have a minimum. Do not forget that you must bid for the words that you consider key. Hit save and continue. Step 3. Ads Ads are what is shown as a search result to your potential buyers; This is where you must put all your efforts to get their attention so that they click on it. Our recommendation is that the information in your ad is accurate with what will be found on the landing page; If not, your bounce rate will rise and your ad will lose quality. It is time to create the ads for the campaign.

Think of an attractive title (maximum 25 characters) that captivates your target audience The description is what will tell users what they will find by clicking on the ad. you have two lines, 1 and 2, you must put what differentiates your product / service from the rest; including calls to action and synonyms of your keyword (s) (maximum 35 characters per line). Enter the visible url of your website (the one that the user will see in your ad) and the destination url (where the user will go when they click on your ad) Step 4. Keywords Keywords are those that will relate a user’s search to your ad or campaign; for this reason it is important to choose Taiwan Database them wisely. Finally, we will choose the keywords that the system suggests or those that we estimate will use our target when looking for our product / service. In this step, try to choose keywords that have a purchase intention such as “buy x product”, “price x product”, etc. This will improve the chances that people who click on your ad will end up making the transaction. This has been the basic guide to create your first SEM campaign in Google Ads. I hope it has been helpful to you and I invite you to visit our blog; there you can find more information to make your business grow in digital media.

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