Learn here how to create images optimized for the web

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Learn here how to create images optimized for the web

And that can cause the loading speed of your website to be negatively affected , and therefore, users leave your site and increase your bounce rate , which would compromise the SEO of your page and make them search engines will assign you a lower position. So make sure you put in instructional images and videos, but they are optimized for the web so you don’t have problems with web loading times. Little textual content Placing images and videos can be a good idea for your audience to better understand what you are referring to. But the excess of these elements can shorten the text making the content scarce, which can end up being negative for SEO. Because, you not only write for users, but you also write for Google , so that its algorithm can understand what your web page is about, which is very important when ranking with keywords. Too much scroll or clicks One of the factors bulgaria mobile phone numbers that can most affect the design of web pages and the SEO positioning of your site is an increase in the bounce rate , and this can happen for different reasons. Among them, a web design that forces users to scroll a lot or make many clicks in order to obtain relevant information or access other areas of the website. All this is tedious and, therefore, the user can end up getting bored or annoyed, and in the end, leave the page. Website structure The fact that your company’s website has a good URL structure greatly favors the usability, functionality and navigation on that site. And not only for users, but also for bots and Google spiders, since when they access your website they will find a better structure that will make their job of collecting information and sending it faster.

The headings (heading) The headings are very important for the information structure, and therefore, you must take them into account, both in web design and in SEO positioning. This will make it easier for Google to know more precisely which are the most relevant keywords on your site. And not only that, but headlines help your visitors understand your content much better and also make it look more professional. However, it is important to mention that many web designs do not take SEO into account, and use themes or templates for different CMS without taking into account the text format, which already come with a defined font and are not optimized. for SEO. What is the relationship between SEO and web design? Not long ago, SEO was still something new and it was not very common to talk about it, but today it has become really important. So much so that he has even been involved in web design, which must be configured for SEO if you want to achieve a good positioning. And that is why from the very beginning of the project, SEO optimization must be present from the web design phase of the page . This is the reason why it is so important to have the help of a company specialized in web design and SEO positioning if you want to achieve true results, as is Idital. Points in common Now, what do SEO and web design have in common? Well, both have the ability to affect the positioning of your website .

That’s right, in design what is sought is to present your company in the best way, while in SEO it is sought to attract potential clients for said company. However, search engines like Google take both factors into account to determine where your site will rank in search results. Importance of UX The meaning of UX in the English language is: “ user experience ”, which in Spanish is “ user experience ”. This term refers to the experience that a user can get on your page, that is, if it is a good or a negative one. The Google algorithm and the other search engines use certain criteria to measure this, so if the user experience offered by your page is good, then you will get a better positioning. However, if the experience that your page offers is negative, does not meet the objective criteria of the algorithm and makes your audience leave the site very quickly , then you will lose positioning. Hence, it is so important to provide the best experience to users who visit your website and meet the criteria established by Google and other search engines. Marketing points SEO On-page and Off-page Importantly, SEO can also be ranked. In this case, we are talking about two different classifications: “On-Page” and “Off-page” . On-page This type of SEO takes care of all the necessary actions that must be carried out within the web page in order to do a good job of SEO. Specifically, they are the following: The functionality of the site. Optimization of the content on the page. Quality URLs for the search engine. Create easy-to- index content .

Make it easier for search engines. Optimize to the maximum the speed of the site. In other words, On-page SEO is responsible for discovering the behavior of users, to be able to use the most appropriate keywords and have the best web configuration. Off-page Off-page SEO is contrary to On-page nature, since it takes care of the positioning actions that are carried out outside the website in question. Specifically we are talking about the following actions: linkbuilding or external linking to attract users from other websites to your site. Share high-quality content on social media to attract organic views. Take into account the power of RRSS to connect with your audience and get more visits. Off-page SEO can be a very powerful tool when it comes to getting a better position with your website if you know how to use it. Advice Taking care of both SEO and the different approaches that exist to it (On-page and Off-page), as well as web design, is essential to achieve Taiwan Database the desired positioning results. In this way, you will ensure that every penny you invest, both in the design of your website and in your SEO positioning strategy, is used to the maximum and can yield incredible benefits. Conclusions If you make use of all the information and advice that we have exposed today in this post, you will undoubtedly achieve better results in terms of positioning with your website. That is to say, currently only SEO or hiring an SEO specialist is not enough, but you will also need good designers who can offer you the best SEO configuration for your site. Since configuring and adapting the design of your website for SEO, it is becoming a much more frequent and necessary practice to compete for the top positions in the search results. We hope we have helped you, that you have learned a little more with the help of this post and that all this information will be of great use to you. See you in the next installment.

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