Learn How to Combine Fonts Without Breaking Design Rules

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Learn How to Combine Fonts Without Breaking Design Rules

Have you ever thought about the best way to combine fonts in a design? If you are working on artistic projects and need to use a lot of typographic content, it is important that you consider a perfect match of fonts that is consistent with what you want to communicate. You know how to do it? We will explain in this note what is the best way to combine fonts , what typographic rules you should not break and what are the best typographic combinations to make a match in design. Can you imagine that your work can be part of the most popular design projects ? Learning about combining typefaces can help you make that dream a reality. 1. Understand the role of typography in design To learn how to combine typefaces, you need to consider a few things, especially understanding the role typefaces play in graphic design .

Aspects such as typographic contrast and legibility, among other things, make a good design stand out from one that is not. Do not worry if you do not understand much of what we are talking about, because we will comment on each of the aspects that have weight in the use of typographic combinations. typographic contrast If you decide to use Romania Phone Number fonts, you can create typographic contrasts by applying different styles such as: bold, italics, uppercase or lowercase. This is an easy way to combine fonts without worrying about doing it wrong, if you need to make content easy to read, using similar fonts is an excellent resource. An example of typographic contrast is combining a bold font like Futura Medium with a similar letter; but thinner.

Understand the Role of Typography in Design

Differences in typographic style make content on a web page or in any digital medium easier to read . contrast typography Source: Piktochart Legibility in the combination of typographic fonts One of the main reasons for combining serif typefaces is readability in books and newspapers. Serifs, at the top or bottom of a text, make it easier for any reader to understand between similar-looking characters such as uppercase “l” and lowercase “l” And if you find a sans serif with different letterforms; but readable, don’t be afraid to experiment and use them in the body of the text. letters typography font Source: Silocreative Comfort in the combination of letters Many web designers are afraid of using a combination of classic letters because they think it is “more of the same”.

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And typographic fonts like Helvetica or Times New Roman are often forgotten due to their excessive use. However, the selection and combination of sources should be done considering. How comfortable the public feels when reading the information on a website, for example. Therefore, do not be shy about choosing the classic typographic fonts. Epecially if they make a good match with the design of a website. Example of combination of typefaces Source. Combination of letters for logos Choose stylish font types that align with your client’s brand. The best way to do it is to combine letters that have a visual weight in the design of the logos. Keep in mind that in addition to using bold, italics and capital letters; there is the possibility of playing with the thickness of the letters to achieve different visual effects .

Legibility in the Combination of Typographic Fonts

Try them out and find the perfect thickness to achieve the visual impact you’re looking for. Of course, you must be very careful when you combine fonts. Combining more than two weights in the same logo design can make the composition visually unbalanced . Combination of fonts according to the brand The first thing you have to do when choosing. A letter design combination for a brand is to know the personality, values, mission and vision of the company. In a nutshell, a brand is a list of adjectives or short phrases that describe what. You want users to think of you. And do you know what is the best way to transmit it? Through the combination of fonts! brand fonts Source: Learnui Some websites need a brand that is “clean, simple and modern”. While others want to be “modern and luxurious”.

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