Location: A Location-inspired Breadcrumb refers to the user’s

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Location: A Location-inspired Breadcrumb refers to the user’s

Current position in the website hierarchy. Websites with more than two sublevels constantly implement variation in order to quickly reach the parent elements in the page tree. Categories: The Breadcrumbs based on attributes, allow the user to see which category page currently accessed and what you can attribute to attribute this page. These navigation systems are generally used by websites dedicated to e-commerce and different online stores at the product level, with search and offered together with the personalization or search functions. Because of this, the implementation is a bit more complex, as Breadcrumb has to adapt to the functions china phone number list of websites and possibly databases as well. Importance for SEO Thanks to numerous usability tests, it is certain that browsing with Breadcrumbs greatly helps users to navigate on websites . Therefore, from a usability perspective, Breadcrumbs are a must. On the other hand, from an SEO and OnPage optimization point of view , it is extremely important to implement Breadcrumbs correctly. For some time now, Google’s SERPs have reflected part of Breadcrumb’s navigation in the URL line as rich snippets . It is recommended to fix the navigation with Breadcrumbs in the source code using micro data (On this, you can get more information in the Google helpdesk). In a broader sense and, in other words, the Breadcrumbs help search engines to track and summarize the different websites . Through navigation, internal linking will be reinforced and thematically adjusted URLs will be linked through the navigation element.

Thus, by browsing Breadcrumbs , directories even deeper in the crawling page hierarchy can be reached more quickly and efficiently . We analyze its advantages Next, we will see the advantages that the use of Bread Crumbs or Breadcrumb brings : It improves the user experience , since, together with the menus, it offers a visualization of the structure of the website, and, by itself, places the user in a position or place within that structure, being able to facilitate access and navigation at higher levels. It reduces the bounce rate , thanks to the fact that, if the user does not know where they are within the website where they are browsing or the page they are on does not cover their need, the crumb trail guides them and presents them with the option to navigate directly to other pages with similar themes and content that perhaps do meet what you need. It favors SEO , from two different points of view; the first, as a consequence of the best user experience (which is fundamental in search algorithms today). And second, by the placement in the Breadcrumb of links and anchor texts that Google’s crawlers can use to analyze the positioning of these websites. It increases the navigation control by the user, who may have an additional tool (in addition to the menus), to navigate through the website . And with the added advantage that you can start from a familiar starting point.

The cost of implementation is low , and not using them does not provide any advantage, except in some cases that are exceptions. In other words, adding them to websites does not bother the user, who will only use them when he needs them. Conclution All that said, we hope you have the necessary information regarding this issue, which, very few people pay attention, even browsing the different websites they almost never notice the Breadcrumbs that is present on almost all pages. Without a doubt, the Bread Crumbs or Breadcrumbs are a very useful Taiwan Database or necessary tool for the correct location or location of users on web pages . It is very important to take it into account since it could save us a lot of headaches. And also, if you are a web developer, it would be ideal for you to implement it, since Breadcrumbs usually go unnoticed, but there will always be a user who needs them and that is where you will have a point in your favor. In addition, this could improve the SEO positioning of your site .

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