Location extensions in Google Ads In Google Ads

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Location extensions in Google Ads In Google Ads

SEM In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about Google Ads location extensions . As we mentioned in our entry “Adwords ad extensions”, there are different types of extensions; the first one we will talk about is the location extension why? Because it is one of those that in our digital agency in Valencia we consider the most important. Stay and we will tell you why it is so important and how to use it correctly. E-commerce is seen today as a threat to local business; however, this can be a very powerful tool for growth. The specific location extensions have this purpose: to help the visibility of your local business; With them, you can achieve unprecedented growth. What are location extensions? The location extensions allow your potential how do telemarketers get your number australia customers know the location of your business. Luckily, location is still a relevant factor even in 2018. With modern technology, we can be walking down the street, see a pair of shoes that we like, go to Google and locate a store that sells them in thirty seconds or less. . What are location extensions for? If you have a local business with a physical presence, location extensions will be your best friend. It is common to think that offline and online commerce are two separate functions; that online and offline marketing cannot coexist or produce mixed results. Nothing is further from reality. According to Google studies, combining online and offline sales and marketing efforts is a very powerful tool; It will help you increase revenue faster than trying to use each channel separately. Recently, Google analyzed tons of searches related to local queries. They found that 76% of people searching for a product online visited that company’s business that same day; within that percentage, 28% of them bought the product.

In addition, we know that these types of local searches are increasing (by 130%) every year; This means that the chances of you attracting online users to your physical stores increases every day, month and year. There has never been a better time to have a presence both online and offline. How do these extensions work? The location extensions show your local business address in the advertisement for the given search results. This extension will be visible to people who are looking for what you offer and are close to your business. google ads extensions Clicking on the location extension will count as one click, just like clicking on your website. Except that this extension does not take the user to a website, but to Google Maps with the location already entered in the destination: Important Notes on Location Extension These types of extensions are great for mobile-centric campaigns. Why? mobile users are more likely to be “on the go” than users browsing from a computer. But that’s not to say that desktop computer users don’t use maps to find a local business. However, it is undeniable that instant foot traffic is more likely to be via mobile. So how are they configured? How to set up a location extension in Google Ads? The configuration of the location extensions requires a little more work than usual ad extension; This is because it requires you to link your Google MyBusiness account. To do this, you will need to follow these instructions and you will be ready to use location extensions in just a few minutes.

First Go to your Google Ads account panel and navigate to the ads and extensions tab, from here, select the extensions bar. Select the location extension option from the drop-down menu: Second Link your Google My Business account with Google Ads, if you don’t see your Google My Business account as an option from the list, you can select option two and send yourself an email to link the accounts. Third click on “Manage locations on Google My Business.” This will allow you to edit locations and addresses for your business. If you have multiple business Taiwan Database locations, you can add and edit them, selecting them based on the campaigns you run! And that’s it. After connecting your GMB account, you should see the location extensions within the extensions tab ready to be used. My business has multiple physical locations If your business has multiple locations, we recommend reading our article on Google Ads Affiliate Location Extensions . There you will find the necessary information to enter multiple locations.

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