Logo – Definition, benefits and more

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Logo – Definition, benefits and more

A logo can create a very important image for a company; something representative. Read and discover everything that this word hides. Some years ago, there was a certain idea that our logo, imagotype or logotype should be versatile enough to respond to the different communication needs of our company. Today, that is no different, it has only multiplied with the new adaptive and responsive logo concepts. In summary, what we want to imply is that, if our logo had to undergo modifications and job adaptations, today that capacity for adaptation that it must have is much more necessary. This is because the different digital uses have multiplied. The different profiles people mobile canada on social networks, web pages, emails and others, in each and every one of these areas, the logo will have to represent and look good on the different electronic devices. For this reason, the new concept of an adaptable (or responsive) logo has emerged , which is based on those possibilities that our logo will have of being able to be represented in different ways , some perhaps not very concise, but in which it must remain recognizable. Definition of logo The logo is what we often call the visual representation of a company . However, in some cases, this also applies to advertising campaigns or even events. A synonym widely used to refer to the logo is the logo. On the other hand, some people affirm that the correct term is ‘logo’ and not ‘logo’, since this would have been something invented by language vices and it does not manage to correctly define what it would be. And thus, it generates confusion with the concept of a brand that is much broader.

Definition of logo Logo is the word that is most used to define the graphic representation of a brand; But, keep in mind that it is not always the most accurate word. The word ‘Logo’ refers to the design of a representation where only typography is used in said brand , in short, word compositions. Today’s fashion is to develop a logo-only brand ; Very personal fonts are created and very attached to the values ​​of the brand. An example that we can narrow down for this are the cases of Coca-Cola and Walt Disney. The logo is a great alternative for graphic representation and is widely used . Also, typography is almost essential if it is a new brand and therefore you need to publicize the name of the company. Definition of Isotype The Isotype is the iconic or symbolic part of the graphic representation of a company or brand ; in short, the drawing. It refers to when a brand is represented through an icon or symbol. Normally , when using an isotype, it is not necessary to add something else to the graphic, such as typeface or some name. It is enough only with the icon as part of the representation; there is nothing else to accompany it. The isotype must have a special power, and that is, it must connect with the brand and be easily remembered just by looking at it.

Although it is very well known that it takes more time to enter the minds of users; but if this is achieved, it will work very well on its own and would be visually very powerful. If you want to look for an example of this, remember the Isotypes of brands such as Appel, Chanel, VolksWagen, among many more. Apple logo Apple isotype. Volkswagen logo Volkswagen isotype. Definition of Imagotype It is the result of conjunction, union and a perfect balance. Imagotype is the fusion or work together of logo plus isotype . In other words, it is the graphic representation of a brand or company, through several words accompanied by an i cone . Although, despite the fact that they work together, the graphic part does not join the textual one . Both are well marked Taiwan Database and differentiated; it shows with the naked eye. Everything works visually in unison. It is a set in balance and harmony; nothing is out of place and when you see it, it feels integrated into one. Some examples of Imagotype can be found in the graphic representations of Amazon or Santander, among many others. Amazon logo Amazon imagotype. Why have a logo? A logo is part of the set of attributes that a company has. Its main objective is to synthesize its values ​​and make the recognition of said company faster and also remain in the client’s memory for easy recall. In short, it is a vital component of the visual identity and branding of a company. For this reason, the logo must be made or designed more and more professionally as the market becomes more crowded.

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