Make your website secure with the HTTPS protocol In Marketing Trends

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Make your website secure with the HTTPS protocol In Marketing Trends

Google has been pushing business owners to make their website secure for some time now . We’ve all seen the http : // extension that precedes a website’s domain; However, in 2017 Google announced that soon, sites must go to https : // to be seen as secure. That little s at the end of the extension will make a difference; sites that do not have it will be marked as “not safe” to users and Google itself will take care of that. If a website is not secure Currently the websites without the security protocol, are displayed normally; the only indicator is an Not Safe alert in the browser no phone list australia bar and a pop up announcing that the site is not unsafe to navigate. how to make a secure site https However, in the future, the browser will add one more step to access the pages that do not have the SSL certificate installed. You have probably already seen this page on other sites: how to make a secure site https It is not currently available for all http sites, but Google has announced that it will, and soon. The fact that this ad appears before entering your site negatively affects your business; at best, it will add a step to the process of navigating your site. A user is willing to make 3 clicks to find what they are looking for; this ad, add one more click.

In the worst case, it will scare many users who will think that your page is a threat. Actually, it is not difficult to make a secure website ; moving a site to the HTTPS system only requires installing an SSL certificate on your page. Below, I’ll answer some common questions about the process and show you how to do it – step by step – and completely free of charge. Why has my website been marked as unsafe? This is pretty straightforward to understand. If you are visiting your website from a Chrome browser, and the page in question has been marked as “not secure”, it is because Google is informing your visitors that the site is distributed via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) instead of HTTPS. HTTP is, basically, the basis of all data transfer on the internet; however, it lacks the security benefits of encryption (In other words, secure HTTPS – S). Thus, the name HTTPS is reserved for those websites that use an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate . It is a standard level of encryption that ensures that all data transferred between the server and the browser remains encrypted. This issue is something that Google has been increasingly interested in, incentivizing all websites to add SSL certificates on their pages Precisely with this intention, it has begun to mark sites without certificate, or non-HTTPS, as sites “Not secure”, thus ensuring that website owners migrate their pages to HTTPS as soon as possible.

Although this notification may scare some visitors, this is only a warning to make users aware that their data may not be entirely secure; which in most cases causes users to close the session before even entering the website. This situation should be enough to incentivize website owners to jump start and decide to install an SSL certificate on their website. However, there are a few more things you should know … What benefits does my website get from going HTTPS? Since Google is now marking non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”, by installing an SSL certificate your first benefit will be that the Chrome browser will mark your page as “secure”. But this is not all, since Google announced that it would offer small boosts in the rankings of results in its search  engine to Taiwan Database all those websites that work under the HTTPS system. And last but not least, HTTPS encryption can help provide some protection against bad practices in the internet advertising ecosystem. Advertisers displaying their ads and serving on an HTTP website cannot be displayed on an HTTPS site. That means safe publishers have less competition among advertisers. This has created a small barrier to entry that prevents some of the nasty mobile redirect pop-up ads from appearing. So, summarizing the advantages of HTTPS encryption: Makes your website look safe for visitors. Better protect user data. It offers a small SEO benefit.

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