Marketing and youth: the complex new path to the heart of Generation Z

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Marketing and youth: the complex new path to the heart of Generation Z

It may not yet be completely clear where the boundary is between millennials and Gen Z. If when the whole millennial boom began, analytics firms did not quite define the range and establish a consensus of who they were still millennial and who is not (especially as of the date that generation was closed) with the Z in a way something similar happens. We are clear that they are the ‘young people’ but not so much in what year of the 90s we have to start counting members of that generation.

Be that as it may, and starting in the year that begins, what analysts and companies trying to use their conclusions to reach consumers are clear is that the    us mobile number database  are the youngest right now and that, to connect with them, it is necessary to take into account new elements and start from new positions.

And on that list of things to take into account the network is crucial, but also the way in which the online presence of the brand affects the consumer himself and his perception of things. As they just pointed out in a Gartner study , to succeed with Z, marketers have to build a brand image that helps boost the personal brand of Z consumers themselves.

According to their statistics, members of Generation Z are 1.5 times more likely to follow a brand that generates content that promotes their own image than to do it with a brand that does not. “Gen Z consumers are the most diverse generation ever and the ones who understand the digital environment best,” explains Jack Mackinnon, senior principal analyst at Gartner. “As digital natives, Gen Z is very critical of the benefits and ROI of much of their use of the internet and social media,” he adds.

That is, for these young people the important thing in this activity is that it provides them with clear results, that it generates something for them.


Generation Z and business
Right now, in addition, the relationship with the brands established by Generation Z is rather temperate. Although 81% of consumers in this demographic follow friends online, only 30% do the same with brands (although marketers already spend overwhelming amounts of money targeting this consumer niche).

Therefore, it is more important than ever to understand what they want and give it to them. “If you want loyal Gen Z consumers, you have to let them do the driving,” Mackinnon recalls. 46% of members of this demographic agree with the statement that the more likes they receive on social media, the better they feel.

In addition, Gartner’s conclusions indicate that when they search for content on the web, they want it to meet three premises. They seek that they are interested / excited, that it serves to make their friends laugh or that allows them to express what they feel.

Z’s Favorite Brands
At the same time, analyzing which are the favorite brands of Gen Z members and what interests them the most and what they connect with best can help  us mobile number database  to better understand what they are waiting for. The Z’s list of favorite brands includes many top-tier names, as a study on an American sample has just shown, and by Morning Consult limiting the generation to those between 18 and 21.

Generation Z’s favorite brand is Google, which achieves a score of 294.7. After her, Netflix (291) and YouTube (285.6) are positioned. The top tan is completed by Oreo, PlayStation, Walmart, Target, Doritos, and Nintendo. Nike (11), Marvel Studios (13), Spotify (14) or Instagram (15) complete the list, demonstrating the type of products and services that interest consumers in this group.

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