Marketing automation: What is automated marketing and what is it for?

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Marketing automation: What is automated marketing and what is it for?

Have you ever been correctly explained what automated marketing is? When we work in a Digital Marketing department we are immersed in endless daily tasks such as managing social networks, sending e-mails, analyzing results among many others. Can you imagine being able to optimize all these actions through automation? The reality is that it can be done. In this way we reduce work time, increase equipment efficiency and, therefore, save costs. According to several Gleanster Research studies , 79% of companies that automated their marketing indian mobile no database strategy improved their performance and efficiency. 79% of the companies that automated their marketing strategy improved their performance and efficiency.CLICK TO TWEET And in the case of B2B companies, 69% applied it as a tool for the acquisition and retention of new customers. At this point, I ask you a question, do you want to get out of the traditional job bubble that is wasting you time and money? If your answer is yes, I invite you to read this article to discover how marketing automation will help your business to cross the door into the future.

ARTICLE INDEX What is marketing automation or marketing automation Advantages of marketing automation Necessary elements for good automated marketing Example of an automated marketing process Practical tips for your marketing automation Conclusion: Do I need to automate the marketing of my business? What is marketing automation or marketing automation The marketing automation is based on the use of tools, services and software to automate repetitive tasks. For several years it has become the definitive solution to reduce errors in processes, improve the effectiveness of campaigns when guiding the client through the sales funnel, workflows or segmentation, among others. It is essential that you do not limit marketing automation by focusing only on the use of software, but that you also get the most out of your work team. Allowing improvement from strategies to procedures. Advantages of marketing automation If you use it correctly, it is an infallible resource that generates guaranteed results in both small and large businesses. It reduces the costs and the working hours of the work team.

A clear example can be seen in the field of Social Media where you can program posts, stories or advertising campaigns on social networks. Segment the target audience, creating automated emails according to the stage of the sales cycle they are in. The email is sent to the correct user and at the convenient time. It allows you to assign scores to your contacts (lead scoring) and automate actions for your most loyal followers. It allows the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of marketing strategies. It shows useful graphs and statistics to analyze and adjust campaigns. It connects you with the customer instantly. If a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, with automated marketing you send a personalized welcome message. Support employee Taiwan Database performance. Since executing complex strategies requires a large number of people, with automation it can be reduced to one. They give you the possibility of maximizing financial resources and at the same time reducing human resources. With marketing automation, you design workflows that allow you to know how long the customer browsed the web, number of clicks and even the bounce rate. Increase the visibility of the business , since with automation we can leave campaigns and automations active 24 hours a day.

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