Marketing for Beginners: Fundamentals of Basic SEO

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Marketing for Beginners: Fundamentals of Basic SEO

SEO First of all, we will call basic SEO those SEO actions that you can manage even if you do not have programming knowledge; So if you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of search engine optimization , you have come to the right article. It is very common to think that to do SEO you need to generate a large amount of content; This is partly true, but you should also know that it is not the only thing that influences the positioning of your site. In addition to the generation of content optimized with keywords, here we have 5 fundamental points that will help you. Some technical tasks can be more difficult and tend to be ignored until they online phone directory australia cause problems, but they are just as important as content creation. This can be avoided by considering basic SEO fundamentals before they become a problem. When the basics are worked out, you often get better results from your current SEO efforts. Let’s look at 6 fundamentals of basic SEO that when taken advantage of, increase the effectiveness of our efforts in organic positioning. LINK BUILDING The first point to improve your search engine positioning is to do link building. It is about generating links from other (reliable) websites to your site.

The way in which the algorithms of the main search engines work is based on the factors of SEO on site and SEO off site. Within the second group, the links that point to your site (backlinks) are highly relevant; Now, it is not only about any link, there are other factors such as the anchor text of the link, whether it is a follow type or not, links generated in Social Networks and the relevance of the site that contains the link. To do? It is important to bear in mind that, normally, good content is linked naturally; This means that you should worry about generating relevant content that generates backlinks on their own. However, to speed up this process, you can find a way to buy them. Just remember that the site you buy links to must be of good quality and the content must be relevant to what you offer. BROKEN LINKS Over time, websites come and go, some close, change owners or brand; former owners generally do not inform everyone with whom they are connected of these changes. This means that some links that pointed to some important website may now be broken; A broken link is one that points to 404 error pages (you’ve probably seen it before) or simply irrelevant content. This is bad news for the owner of the web, since within the basic SEO , the main search engines penalize this type of links. Your links may be linking to poor quality websites and creating a bad user experience (UX).

To do? There are tools that help you analyze the outgoing links from your site; At our marketing agency we use Screaming Frog to make sure everyone goes to a relevant destination. seo basics META DESCRIPTIONS Well-designed meta descriptions can have a positive effect on search engine rankings ; a good meta description ensures an increase in click-through rates from organic search. However, it is quite common for the person in charge of meta descriptions to write them once, mount them, and never revise them; this is a mistake. Part of good basic SEO is adding and editing content regularly; This is why the meta description that was perfect today may not be so perfect in a while. Even if the content of the page does not change, the behavior of the search engine Taiwan Database can change. This is why it is important to keep meta descriptions up to date and maintain or improve rankings. For example, in December 2017, Google increased the maximum length of snippets in search results from 160 characters to 320 characters. The content of the snippet tends to be extracted from the descriptions and the content of the page; therefore, websites that do not update their descriptions may be affected. Their search engine rankings will decline and they will lose clicks just because they don’t have a more attractive description. Search engines and visitors alike want to see accurate, informative, and engaging meta descriptions.

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