Marketing for Beginners: How to Choose Keywords for SEO?

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Marketing for Beginners: How to Choose Keywords for SEO?

Learning how to choose keywords to improve your organic positioning is essential in your digital marketing strategy. Despite the change in this field, this is one of the tasks that does not lose validity or relevance. However, analyzing keywords is more than listing words that relate to your business. It’s about choosing them carefully to help you improve the organic positioning of your site. Analyze keywords A keyword analysis is when a study is made of the words or search terms that people are using in search engines. That is, how are they looking for your product or service? Knowing this will put you in a position to offer your potential customers  belarus mobile number exactly what they are looking for (word for word). Now I am going to explain step by step the process to analyze keywords . The important thing is to think about how to choose keywords that really support your marketing plan (Warning: it is not just choosing the term that has the most searches). How to choose keywords for your SEO strategy Step 1: Make a list of words that you consider important for each product / service / page of your site The important thing is to be clear about what you offer on each page of and differentiate it from your other pages.

That is why it is very important to analyze the general ideas on each page and put them in a list; for example, for Esparta Digital, it would be something like this: Service: SEO General ideas: organic positioning, seo strategy, seo marketing agency. Step 2: Brainstorm Now, take each of the general ideas that you created in step 1 and think about how your potential customers are using this word or phrase when searching? This step will facilitate the process of choosing keywords but it is not yet the final result. In the case of Esparta Digital and our SEO service that we used before, this step would look like this: SEO service Organic positioning: improve my organic positioning, positioning in Google, SEO positioning Google. SEO Strategy: SEO Plan, Organic Marketing Strategy, Keyword Marketing. Marketing agency: seo marketing agency, expert in seo valencia Step 3: Search for related search terms This is very very easy, what you should do is go to your preferred search engine. Once there, enter the search terms that you decided in the previous step; you will see that the same search engine will offer you these search terms.

For example, if we search for SEO Marketing Agency in Google and we go to the bottom of the page, a list of searches that are related to ours will appear. how to choose keywords Observe and choose which ones are best related to what you are offering within your services. Once you do this, include them within the search terms from step 2. Step 4: Keyword Planner Although there are multiple other tools to analyze keywords , the Google keyword planner cannot be missing when choosing your final list of keywords. Taking into account that Google is the most used search engine worldwide, this tool stores a large amount of data. Knowing the data that Google Taiwan Database gives you is of great help in the process of how to choose keywords. The best thing is that you only need to have a Google Adwords account (which you can create for free). how to choose keywords how to choose keywords how to choose keywords Step 5: Long tail keywords and heading terms If you are not very clear about what long tail keywords and header terms are, I will explain it to you.Do you remember that we said that choosing keywords is not just knowing which ones have the most searches? Head terms are very short keywords that are made up of 1, 2, or 3 words at most.

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