Marketing in times of coronavirus

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Marketing in times of coronavirus

The coronavirus has forced companies to bring out their most original and creative side. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a setback when it comes to producing and marketing products. But many businesses have fully understood that it is an ideal time to reinforce their brand image . A basic concept of capital importance within how to track a cell phone in colombia coronavirus marketing that we can perfectly exemplify through these 5 campaigns.

5 coronavirus marketing campaigns in times of pandemic
Among the most striking examples we find are those of these companies that have managed to get it right.

Ruavieja: “We have to see each other less in order to see each other more”
In 2018, the famous herbal liqueur brand ran a successful advertising campaign under the slogan “we have to see each other more” . In it, he focused on the importance of traditional emotional ties embodied, for example, in kisses, hugs and glances in the face of new communication methods through social networks.

Clearly, due to COVID-19 , those hugs and kisses will have to wait. For this reason, Ruavieja has modified that campaign. First, crossing out the “more” from the motto “we have to see each other more”. Then, with an announcement of testimonials whose slogan is completed with a “we have to see each other less to be able to see each other more” .

Lonely Planet: 500 Ways to Travel From Your Couch During the Pandemic
If there is a sector really affected by COVID-19 , we know that it is tourism. Lonely Planet, a benchmark, is undoubtedly one of the companies that is suffering the most. However, its marketing experts have launched the campaign “500 ways to travel from the sofa” through social networks. It is a book in electronic format in which we find a compilation of tourist destinations represented with the collaboration of musicians, film directors and writers.

PcComponentes: free remote assistance for teleworkers
Many Spaniards cannot go to work while the health crisis lasts. This has meant that we have to work from home using our own computers and home Internet connection. However, what happens if the computer crashes or a virus prevents it from working properly? Requesting technical assistance in person is impossible. For this reason, from PcComponentes, one of the most important computer marketplaces in Europe, they have made a free remote assistance service available to anyone who needs it. Thus, those who are supporting the country with their activity from home can solve any contingency immediately.

El País: free information until the COVID-19 pandemic ends
Recently, and like many other generalist newspapers, El País announced a subscription service for full access to its contents . However, the coronavirus crisis has changed everything. This is the moment in recent history when there is a greater need for information on the part of the population. Those responsible for the publication have been able to see it and, therefore, have made all their articles available to us for free until the health emergency ends.

Facebook: a tireless fight against misinformation
The presence of hoaxes on social networks has grown exponentially. For this reason, Facebook has modified its algorithms to detect them and prevent Taiwan Database them from spreading. First, by giving free spaces for WHO messages . On the other, redirecting users to official sources when they search on topics related to COVID-19 . An action that is earning you higher shares of popularity, loyalty and reliability.

These that we have seen are 5 examples of how business marketing has known how to adapt to the crisis situation due to the coronavirus , but there are many others. Actions focused on reinforcing the brand image of which, with certainty, will obtain revenues when everything returns to normal.

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