Marketing through sporting events

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Marketing through sporting events

A sporting event is a perfect showcase for a brand to improve its positioning and acquire some notoriety among the public. The marketing that develops with the focus on an event allows a company to learn more and differs from its competition. Sports sponsorship: great opportunity for brands Sports tourism is gaining ground and, together with cultural tourism, is the best excuse to visit a city. What is a brand looking for with a sponsorship? In the first place, it is the best showcase due to the number of people who attend an event such as a soccer World Cup , a Formula 1 event, a golf tournament or a tennis open . For a brand, being part of the sponsorship how do i find a phone number in france of this event does not mean an expense, but an investment. A sports sponsorship is the way to create an emotional bond with sport and its values, but we must do it well. It is necessary to identify the ideal audience, our market and objectives, select the appropriate event for it and generate different actions that multiply the impact of the event.

Taking into account these factors, the return on investment goes from 60% (sometimes reaching 400%) Impact of brands in the World Cup in Russia Soccer moves a lot of money and has a loyal audience, being a perfect example of various marketing actions at sporting events that have been very successful. Brands like Budweiser or Coca-Cola invest about 12,000 million dollars in these events. There are brands that, due to this promotion, make sales that exceed those of a full year. But which sectors are the most pointers? TVs: LG and Samsung Statistics tell us that when the soccer world cup is held there is an upturn in sales between 15% and 20%. By this time, large televisions are in high demand and in this World Cup the sale of at least 600,000 65-inch televisions is expected. Apps and smartphones An upturn in the sale of these devices is estimated by the official applications that allow you to follow the tournament in real time, order food at home , take a taxi or make live bets.

Sports companies: Adidas and Nike T-shirts, wristbands, caps, watches, scarves and anything else are sold to cheer up your country . Adidas, in addition to being the sponsor of La Roja, is an official sponsor of the event: the ball with which it is played is theirs and it is estimated that it will sell 15 million official shirts and about 10 million balls. Soft Drinks and Beers It is estimated that each Spaniard will consume 26 soft drinks and 33 cans of beer during the competition (about 850 million cans). The sponsoring brands , as happened in the Taiwan Database  World Cup in Brazil, will be the most demanded. Telepizza and Papa John’s They have had a fantastic campaign for the World Cup. The expected consumption is about 39 servings per person (about 127 million pizzas). In the case of Papa John’s, they offer free pizzas for each order placed during the World Cup, if Spain wins the scepter. As can be seen, marketing in sporting events is essential for a brand to acquire greater visibility and with it increase its profits.

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