Masking Tape for Watercolor

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Masking Tape for Watercolor

Starting today, masking tape will become your best ally for easy watercolor painting. Before starting any watercolor project or exercise, tape the cardboard to the board with masking tape. Do it by its four edges and very carefully. Make sure the cardboard is well fixed and tempered. Why is it so important to do it? If you don’t, the following will happen: You will not be able to paint correctly . It will be like trying to tame a small beast. As it is not fixed, the cardboard will move due to the movements you make with the brush. Easy watercolor painting? That way it won’t be possible. The cardstock will bend or curl , causing spills on the bottom and top of the cardstock. Accidents , such as unintentional brush strokes, splashes or spills. The exercises will be spoiled.

Once you have fixed your cardboard on the board, it is time to start with the easy watercolor painting exercises. Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium watercolor exercises As you will realize, painting with watercolor depends mainly on you and the place you hope to get to with this knowledge. Even if you decide to make it a hobby, nothing happens. This artistic expression Sweden Phone Number physical and psychological benefits, so starting to practice with it opens up a new world of possibilities. For this reason, we offer you these watercolor exercises: 1. Uniform bath This easy watercolor painting exercise is the most basic of all. The key to success is not to put pressure on the brush when painting.

Watercolor Exercises

In other words, paint as if you were “stroking” the poster board. The procedure for painting with watercolors is as follows: Draw a rectangle of 14 x 28 cm. Place a regular portion of watercolor on your palette (whatever color you like) and add water with your brush. Make sure the mixture is very thin. Slide the brush from left to right and from right to left, taking the drop from the previous brush stroke. So until the end. When painting, tilt the board slightly. If you notice that your brush no longer has watercolor, try to load it quickly and continue painting. Keep in mind that this exercise is dry. So don’t delay in making the brush strokes. Let dry. The result must be, as its name says, uniform. Try to repeat this exercise about five times. If you want the color to have more intensity, add less water to the watercolor.

Sweden Phone Number

Watercolor colors Source: Pexels 2. Gradient bathroom With this easy watercolor painting exercise you will learn to control the intensity of the watercolor with the help of water. The gradient bathroom will serve you later to make backgrounds. Draw a rectangle of 14 x 28 cm. Place a regular portion of watercolor on your palette. This time choose a strong shade: red or blue. Moisten your brush and load it with watercolor. Slide the brush from left to right and from right to left, taking the drop from the previous brush stroke. As you go, load the brush with just water. You will notice that the color will degrade. Repeat this exercise several times and with other intense colors, such as ultramarine or viridian. You’ll see that in no time you’ve mastered this easy watercolor exercise! Glow with a single color.

Gradient Bathroom

This effect is perfect for backgrounds of light landscapes, so once you master this exercise you will be able to paint easy and beautiful watercolor drawings. Draw a rectangle of 14 x 28 cm. Moisten the entire area of ​​the rectangle with your brush. For this exercise, choose a strong color. For example, blue. Don’t add too much water. The mixture must be consistent. Apply the color. Make two horizontal lines at the bottom and top of the rectangle and an arc in the center. Move the board, until you get the glow effect. Remove excess watercolor with the brush. Remember that this is a wet workout, so you need to be as fast as possible. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t get discouraged, keep practicing and you’ll be able to draw simple watercolor landscapes. watercolor exercises 4. Glow with two colors This exercise is similar to the previous one, only here you will use a light color and a dark color.

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