Measure return on investment (ROI) – industry marketing indicators

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Measure return on investment (ROI) – industry marketing indicators

The last of the keys to Industrial Marketing has to do with ROI or return on investment . At the end of the day, the common objective that both the marketing department and the sales department of a company must pursue should be the growth of the company itself and the achievement of income . It is essential that both the marketing and sales teams work aligned in the same direction because their objectives are the same. For Industrial marketing to generate a positive ROI, it is important to have analytical tools, as well as for marketing and sales to have fluid communication and a constant exchange of information through meetings and updates. Next we are going to see what are some of the best metrics that must be taken into account in Sweden Phone Number List  any industrial marketing strategy. Since if we know how to measure and interpret them correctly, we will also know if the efforts translate into measurable and tangible results. Visitor volume (web traffic) The number of visits the website receives is undoubtedly one of the easiest indicators to measure. It is advisable not only to look at it day by day, but also every week and every month to be able to take stock of how the evolution has gone and what content on the blog or on the website itself has had the most repercussion and impact. Consulting web traffic also allows us to see where the visits come from , what the organic visits have been, through what word, direct links, social networks or if the email campaigns that have been carried out have been effective.

Performing an analysis on this data will help us determine whether the marketing efforts we are undertaking are working well or not. How long The average time that a visit stays on the website is a good indicator of whether the content offered is relevant or not or if it is really what the visitor is looking for. This time is also related to the bounce rate, which tells us if people have left the site almost when they arrive. If that bounce rate is high it means that they have not found what they were looking for and we have failed with the content we offer. Number of contacts generated (leads or potential customers) Each offer and each form that potential clients fill out allows us to collect data on what they are like and what needs they have . We will be able to know where you work, for what company, what position they have within it… that is, we obtain very interesting information that we can use to achieve our objectives. Here it is important that we measure the number of qualified leads, that is, those people who are interested in our business versus those who are just website visitors. Having a website that offers favorable results is not something simple but it is a long and complex path to which you have to dedicate the necessary time. And it is necessary to be clear that a visitor does not become a customer immediately after visiting the web.

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The buyer’s journey in industrial marketing must be viewed as a series of conversions. And by measuring and tracking those conversions, we can follow the potential customer’s journey through the funnel and direct them to the right place at the right time to become an end customer. A good conversion rate indicates that we are doing things well and that we are achieving the objectives established in the marketing plan. Number of clients generated Lead nurturing is a marketing technique aimed at maturing leads in order to achieve our goals and make them become customers . As the sales process is long, one of the options is to configure email campaigns to offer leads information that may be of interest to them. This will allow us to create a relationship of trust , since they not only know our products but we also offer advice and solutions to their problems. In this case, it is very important to monitor the opening of emails, what click-through rate the links have or if there is a low subscription or opening rate. If these last two cases occur  Taiwan Database  often, it means that we are not offering quality content for the recipients of the emails. Landing page and CTA performance Another indicator that shows us to what extent the website we have is adequate for a correct industrial marketing strategy is to check the performance of the landing pages and the CTAs that we have in them. One of the most effective ways to get conversions is to place calls to action or CTA (call to action) with different offers on the landing pages. CTAs allow visitors to fill out a form with their data, leaving relevant information for the company in exchange for content of interest to them.

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