MMA Mobile Regional Insights 2018: The Coming Trends in Mobile Marketing

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MMA Mobile Regional Insights 2018: The Coming Trends in Mobile Marketing

The next technological revolution is near. Internet users are already four billion people and since 2017 that figure has been growing at a rate of 7% per year. Its epicenter? The Mobile. 68% of the world connects through their mobile devices. To deepen the analysis, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) published a new edition of Mobile Regional Insights, which brings together the main trends that will prevail in the world of marketing, technology and communications in the coming years.

The report shows precise data about the penetration that the internet, mobile and the use of social networks is having in the world. Offers an analysis of  free phone directory england  how digital ad spend is outperforming traditional, segmented by country. In addition, it reveals the sustained growth of e-commerce in Latin America and, consequently, the behavior of users when buying.

Some trends to highlight
Content-centric experience. It is important to have a clear order of how the visuals are presented to facilitate understanding of the content. Clutter in the layout can cause the user to lose their attention to the product, so making good use of white space can provide a respite for the reader. Along these lines, simplifying the customer’s purchase journey is another element to consider. The use of emerging suggestions (Pop-ups) can help the users of the application to optimize their time when carrying out specific searches. To improve the consumer experience, brands understood that they must include new tools such as gestures within apps combined with animation. Namely, animated tips to guide the user in the spatial relationships between interface elements (animated transitions). New ways to facilitate the expression of emotional experiences is an option to enrich the variables of expressing what the user feels, for example with the use of emoticons. Instead of using a button to indicate “like”, it can be done by drawing a gesture on the screen.Advertisers are spending more and more time improving communication methods .

That’s why marketers are seeing an increase in automated real-time conversations with customers. Although it is not yet close to seeing Chatbots replacing the general interface, artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that they are included as assistants in messaging platforms. For example, on Facebook. In 2016 Google noted that 20% of searches  free phone directory england  on smartphones were done by voice. In this sense, voice and natural language interfaces are becoming a priority and mobile voice assistants are finding new hardware in which they can “live”. The advancement of technology consolidates new forms of interaction

For one thing, there was a massive increase in the software tools used to run a business. These communication and collaboration tools will allow for more remote teams, or at least less need for an office presence to build productive companies. Virtual reality and augmented reality technology will also be at the center, providing value to users in retail and tourism. On the other hand, video content will continue to be dominant. Not only was the average attention time of people reduced, but it will also be necessary for advertisers to adapt their videos in portrait format, since it is proven that the vast majority use their phone in that position. Above all, livestream transmissions are more effective. According to Facebook, people spend 3 times more time watching live content than static videos.

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