My 5 favorite options to monetize a blog and Adsense is none of them

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My 5 favorite options to monetize a blog and Adsense is none of them

Do you want to start profiting from your blog? These are my 5 favorite options.
When we talk about monetizing a blog , 80% of those who have done some research on the subject will still think of Google Adsense . Few are aware that there is a world beyond that also allows you to achieve multiple income than you can generate by putting ads and banners on your website. earn money blog Fotolia photo rights If you start from scratch, one of the best options to get a better economic performance from your blog is to make use of affiliate marketing . In this case, you go on to recommend products or services specifically. Some basic tips to get the most out of it.

Choose a relevant niche with a search volume greater than 10,000 per month and / or with a high commission (> € 10) for each sale.
If you can, directly register the name of the generic product as a domain because it will bring you sales when you do SEO (for example, if you make an “urban garden” blog, a URL such as would be perfect.
Ideally, have a wide variety of advertisers and / or affiliate programs . This will also allow you to implement a comparer as mentioned by Javi from, someone who knows a lot about this topic. Sale of digital products (4) A digital product has different appearances. It can be an e-book, a video or full access to an e-learning platform such as Quondos. The great advantage is that the cost of production in most cases is practically zero . What is costly is the time it takes to generate quality content.

The good news is that these do not always have to be exclusive. Sometimes you can rely on posts published and available for free on the web (as long as they are your own) and convert them into a paid format . Integration or expansion towards an e-commerce
Probably one of the most famous cases is that of Mr. Wonderful . They started with a blog and today it is one of the best-known online gift shops in Spain. This evolution is not always obvious and in less cases planned. Sometimes they arise as a consequence South Korea Phone Number List of success and care received. I have my doubts that this can be planned in such a way from day one. The most successful bloggers I know have started out “innocently.” They were not clear at first. that you can make money with what you were doing. His main motivation was not that but rather to share a passion with the world. New project shuttle (2) In my case, the best “performance” I get through the launch of new projects . Now that I also cable start-ups, I usually do “propaganda” through this medium.

Many people who follow a blog, do so also out of interest in the blogger . In this case, it is not a bad thing to talk about your things or the initiatives you are carrying out as long as you are able to package it attractively in a post. I like to do it this way . Customer acquisition (1) The previous point is strongly related to this. There are many bloggers who publish content to attract clients who then hire different services from them . At this stage I am not using the blog in this way but from the moment my lead recruitment agency Beguerrilla officially sees the light, things may change. I am continually delaying the launch due to “fear” of new clients …;)South-Korea Phone Number List

If you want to have more details on how to attract customers with a blog, you can take a look at this post that I already published a couple of years ago (the bases remain the same). Are you not entirely clear that not using Adsense is the best option? Take a look at one of the most popular posts on this blog for more details on what a website can earn from ads of this type.
If you want to learn more about monetizing a blog and drinking a couple of beers, take a look at this workshop that we organize from Taiwan Database in Alicante. I will also be. This is how we take advantage and we already put on a face …;)

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