My name is Pedro, I am 33 years old and I have a blog

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My name is Pedro, I am 33 years old and I have a blog

The promotion of one’s own blog is what many beginners find it difficult. Here are some basic tips to promote yourself better. I don’t know any 33-year-old Pedro who is a blogger. It is a simple example of both a man and a woman that I meet at events. They are people who are fond of blogging who are very excited about their journey in this world. They tend to always make the same beginner mistake: they hardly ever mention the name of their blog. Blog Morocco Phone Number List photo rights It’s something that has surprised me for years now, so I have to dedicate a post to it to see if things improve a bit. Promotion is one of the most important points when launching a new blog. The minimum is to make a mention of it when you introduce yourself (and more if it is a blogging context).

Instead of saying “My name is Pedro, I am 33 years old and I have a blog” you could take the opportunity to attract at least one new reader. Let’s say Pedro is at an event with his wife for bloggers moms. This time it could have been presented as follows.
“My name is Pedro and I have a blog called After talking to so many mothers today I think I will dedicate a post to the topic of how to make time from the blog while having children. ” They are nuances but I do not know if you have noticed the improvement in the speech. Age is not relevant, so we remove some information so that the memory of the person with whom you speak (a mother) is left with the essential information: The blog is called and he will write a post on a topic that interests him because it responds to a real problem: the lack of time to have children.Morocco Phone Number List

When you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and you are presented with a context where you are not looked at with a “geek” face when you mention that you have a blog, do your homework well. Along with the name you should also create interest in the form of future or existing content that responds to a real problem that the person with whom you Taiwan Database are having the conversation has . Only in this way can you generate an action in the form of a visit to your website. Obviously this is basic what I am telling you. But if many cannot do the easy thing well, how are they going to make things more complicated and difficult?

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