Necessary elements for good automated marketing

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Necessary elements for good automated marketing

I am going to tell you the five elements to have a good automated marketing system. Website or landing pages content marketingThanks to automation, you can exhaustively monitor the actions carried out by each of the visitors who go to your website. If a user is subscribed to your database, with tools like Active Campaign you can analyze their browsing. automated contact details In this image you have an example of how Héctor has been visiting my website, as well as the sales funnel service. Knowing the pages visited, the duration of the navigation and the how to get contact number of a person in india preferences, is essential to start the qualification of consumers. Thanks to this, I can allow myself to create a segmentation of users like Héctor and send them content according to their movements and interests (in this case, funnels). With this type of segmentation you can increase the click-through rate by up to 62% , connect with your potential customers, increase traffic, create a community and achieve a privileged position in the face of search engines. The landing page or landing page is a page that the user is directed to after clicking on a link. Its main purpose is to capture leads or close sales. It is a page with a single objective: Convert. Traffic capture channels Choosing the channels to communicate with your audience is essential, since we need a lot of investment to be in all of them.

The effective thing is to take into account the objectives of the campaign, so that you choose the most appropriate ones: Social Networks, blog, email, sms … The advantage of knowing the characteristics of your target audience and their contact information is that you can customize the strategies. It’s about attracting the right audience to our sales funnel, so that automations are more effective. We can do this through advertising campaigns thanks to the figure of a trafficker (whether on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn or wherever our audience is). tourist advertising Locate the stages of the conversion funnel sales funnelIf you determine the process of your leads to become customers, you can plan what actions to automate to increase the efficiency of the automated sales funnel . It is not the same who does not know you at all, than who already knows a lot about you. sales funnel Plan what will be automated analyzeYou have to define, structure and establish the order and times of the actions that will be carried out automatically. Let’s see an example, based on the activities of a lead nurturing campaign: A user downloads an ebook on “The importance of social networks in content strategies”, so it will already be part of the campaign.

After 3 minutes from the download, the person will receive an email to access the ebook. Additionally, the email has included a related post on the same topic as the book, “Social networks and digital marketing campaign.” Within a few days, the customer is sent another email on how to design effective marketing campaigns on Instagram. 48 hours after the previous email, in your inbox will be another similar but inviting the webinar “Importance of marketing campaigns in social networks”. In the event that the user did not open the webinar message, another will arrive but with a different matter. Once you see the webinar, enter a sequence of authority emails to hire us. The moral of this chain of actions is that all automated processes must be perfectly planned and executed in order to achieve the objectives set at the beginning. Each lead has to receive different Taiwan Database impacts and content. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog Define the KPIs optimizeThese are the key performance indicators that will help you measure whether your goals are being met. Here is a list of some of the most prominent indicators: ROI, number of open emails,% of qualified leads, leads converted into customers, leads accepted by sales. kpi of a sales funnel Email Marketing Tool email marketingMarketing automation always goes hand in hand with email marketing.

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