Neuromarketing, everything you need to know about it

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Neuromarketing, everything you need to know about it

Nowadays not everything goes in the world of marketing, why? It is simple: the habits, customs and culture of our consumers have changed and with this the communication of companies has to evolve to capture the attention of their target audience. If your message does not reach the receiver properly or if your marketing campaigns do not have the scope you expected, from Esparta Digital we present a possible solution to your problems: Neuromarketing. What is Neuromarketing? This form of communication consists of the use of armenia cell phone numbers neuroscience techniques that measure the levels of emotion, attention and memory that arise from the stimuli caused by marketing or advertising. Study consumer reactions to an advertisement, product or service , offering the facility to know the needs, desires and behaviors of our target audience. Neuromarketing helps to understand what consumers rely on when buying a product or not, or prefer one brand over another. Neuroscience in marketing gives us the possibility to go one step ahead in relation to our consumers , since having previously studied them, we will be able to know what product or service they need.


As you can see, the study of Neuromarketing has meant a change in the objective of marketing strategies, since currently what is intended is to create a message that impacts the primitive brain: the true decision maker in the purchase process , because it is the part of the brain responsible for emotional shopping. types of neuromarketing Neuromarketing in advertising The marketing and advertising are great allies and we can not conceive of one without the other. Neuromarketing applied to advertising has made it easier for advertisers to “shoot” them, since they now know customers more precisely and facilitate the creation of more successful and effective strategies. neuromarketing types Once advertising knows what its ultimate goal is, thanks to marketing neuroscience, it can only act with the strategy par excellence: attack the emotional with a more experimental advertising .

Taking into account the new habits of our consumers, the first thing we must know is that we will not be able to survive in the mind of our target only with an exceptional product or service, we need to captivate the minds of customers through emotions . The most important techniques that you must take into account to achieve this are: Storytelling : it is based on telling stories around a brand and its products. It transmits the values ​​and identity of the company with an emotional impact . Attempted that the user connects with the essence of the brand. Emotional Marketing : consists of making consumers live experiences with the company’s products, services Taiwan Database or campaigns. Through different actions and strategies, an attempt is made to generate affective emotions with the brand. Both tools make it easier for the consumer to consider himself part of the brand, but thanks to neuromarketing in advertising, the user comes to consider himself a protagonist in the company , thanks to the fact that they can directly appeal to people’s wishes and needs.

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