Nostalgia and adult audiences: these are the keys why Disney does not stop releasing remakes and they work for him

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Nostalgia and adult audiences: these are the keys why Disney does not stop releasing remakes and they work for him

A consumer pointed out a few days ago that, after many months without going to the movies, she was finally going to do it last Friday. The reason for this decision was in the film that hit the screens between the new releases of the day. Disney released the remake of Aladdin , a flesh and blood version of the cartoon classic that it had released in 1992 and that had quickly become one of its greatest successes.

For this consumer, Aladdin had been her favorite childhood movie, so the remake was something she had to see. As he mentioned, he had not been able  active cell phone number list  to go to the cinema to see the remake of another of his favorite children’s films, Mary Poppins , but with Aladdin he was not going to miss the opportunity. I already had, in fact, the tickets bought.


Of course, this consumer was not the only one who had plans to see the film. Aladdin was the highest grossing movie of the weekend, making $ 207.1 million worldwide and vastly outperforming the next most successful movies of the weekend. John Wick: Chapter 3 made 49.1 million and Pokémon Detective Pikachu 37.8 million. “Disney’s Aladdin has surpassed expectations conjuring a massive $ 121 million world tour for the weekend and combined with the $ 86.1 million from his debut as number one in North America makes an estimated global premiere of 207 , 1 million “, explained Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore, the company that has made this balance of figures, in a press release.

Aladdin is the latest version adapted from Disney classics, but it is not the only one. Years ago, Disney launched the adaptation with real characters of Beauty and the Beast , another of its great successes of the 90s, and in summer it will launch the new version of The Lion King . The premiere of this other revisited ’90s classic is expected to once again be a global box office success and surpass previous releases of remake of cartoon classics. The expectations are that its first weekend close with a collection of worldwide box office (the highest forecast) $ 230 million, more than made Aladdín and more than the 174 who did Beauty and the Beast .


Even if it stayed in the most conservative forecast (180 million) it would surpass this last film. Without a doubt, it will beat the less successful remakes, such as Cinderella , and that were still among the highest-grossing films of their time.

But why is Disney releasing remake after remake of stories we already know? And above all, why do they work so well for you?

They are not children’s movies (only)
From the outset, it should be borne in mind that the audience it reaches is not just the audience that could be thought a priori. In a city where the offer of movies on VOS is limited, such as Vigo, you can find Aladdin passes in the original version with subtitles, something that is not a service designed for children. The sessions in the Aladdin cinemas are not only in the normal hours of the children’s movies, as is the case with the afternoon shows, but they also go into the night hours. It is possible to see Aladdin much later than the usual time for schoolchildren to go to bed.

This happens because Aladdin , as Beauty and the Beast was before and as The Lion King will be , is not designed to make money with children or at least only with them. It is a film that woos adults and draws on the power of nostalgia.

The power of nostalgia
“People tend to enjoy feeling nostalgic,” Wijnand van Tilburg, a nostalgia expert at King’s College London , told the BBC. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion but also one that makes people feel better. And, therefore, it is possible to understand that, as a film critic explains to them, “most of the films right now are sequels”. Consumers are reaching for films and content that they feel familiar and close.

In a way, it’s kind of a cross between the power of nostalgia (which has become a very powerful brand asset in recent years) and that familiar sense of  active cell phone number list  comfort. It is what makes us end up also consuming what in English is called ‘comfort food’ or reading for the umpteenth time that novel that we already know better than the person who wrote it. The known has that effect of making us feel comfortable and comfortable.

In fact, the key to what makes these remakes work is that we already know what is going to happen and that elements of the past have been recycled, as experts explain to the BBC. The remake of those films from decades ago ends up making us see the same thing, but with an updated version.

Therefore, to the feeling of happiness generated by going back to childhood is added the power of the known and the stories that we have consumed before. Disney already has the stories, the storytelling and the development that works, now you just have to bring it into the 21st century and make it connect with the public again.

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