nteraction in social networks with the consumer of the future

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nteraction in social networks with the consumer of the future

Mass communication medium In these digital times, social networks play a leading role in society. Either to show the benefits of a company or to share moments with family and friends, the truth is that they have changed the way of interacting, generating a feeling of closeness, intimacy, regardless of the distance between people or that gap that existed between a client and a brand. There is a universe of at least 122 social platforms categorized according to topics of interest, each with characteristics that adapt to the needs and action plans of users. It is a fact how to call a german phone number that social media is changing people’s lifestyles, and it is happening at an accelerated rate. But first things first. A new vocabulary, new practices, usability and importance are emerging around this online world. Let’s start by defining the following: Featured image on social media Featured image on social media What are social networks? They are structures on the Internet that involve communication in real time between people and organizations that share interests and want to belong to a specific community. Thanks to interactivity and instantaneity , companies stopped looking “untouchable” to users.

Today these companies or brands are committed to the loyalty of their community involving emotions and a quick response on social networks. What are RRSS used for and what is their importance? To communicate and inform . Social networks have given way to digital journalism or journalism 2.0 , because through media accounts, users can find information much easier and more timely from their phones or tablets. By publishing a post (content written according to each social network), readers can share their comments and questions in relation to a topic, which represents a communicational alternative for companies. For marketing .

The cost of advertisements and advertising messages in the press, radio and television is quite high, so that social networks symbolize a cheaper alternative and with greater reach of the masses when it comes to showing the image of a company, a brand , a business or a professional profile. It is not necessary for a company to have a page on all social networks, it is enough to define the personality of the brand, the values ​​and the objectives and then analyze which are the social networks that adapt to the business model. Finally, the strategies to be applied should Taiwan Database be set by creating valuable content in each post. For learning . Just as companies are adapting to the digital world, educational institutions are also joining this list. Now it is common for teachers and students to share knowledge and experiences through the use of RRSS. For example, giving a class so that students can later share their opinions through their personal social media accounts is a new teaching method. Or conversely, universities are choosing to teach distance classes using the Internet.

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