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Online sales tips In

The online sales are for some time, not only a reality, but one of the main forms of business in Spain. The reason for this is that maintaining an e-commerce requires less investment than a physical store and also has a greater reach among other benefits. For this reason, it is vitally important for Spanish businesses to understand how users’ online behavior is, in this way, they will be able to offer a better service that results in a higher closing rate. At Esparta Digital we have experience in digital marketing in Valencia ; For this reason we want to share with you some tips that we hope will help you improve your sales closing rate. Social networks increase your online sales Social networks are a free platform that allows you to achieve a greater dissemination of your business. Now, if you decide to make a small investment in Facebook Ads, you will be able to make what you offer visible to people who have interests related to your product or service; You have the option of creating segmentations that increase the effectiveness of your ads and increase your online sales . For this reason, our first advice is to keep your business constantly active on social media. SEO SEO is a phone call from afghanistan high impact factor in your sales; a business with good SEO positioning will achieve visibly better results than others. Appearing within the first results is important, keep in mind that almost nobody goes beyond the 3rd page of results in a search engine. A blog No matter what product you offer, a blog will serve as an information window about your business. Keep in mind that your employees can only offer information to interested people during their working hours; a blog offers information accessible to your potential clients 24/7. Additionally, a blog enhances your SEO positioning; If you do it right, you will be able to appear when users perform a search related to your line of business. Additionally, a blog shows that your company knows what it is doing, knows the product and knows the need; For this reason it helps to improve your branding and to keep you in the minds of the people who visit it.

Optimize your website You have two main tasks on your website to improve your online sales. First, make sure you fill out the product sheets or service pages. Second, make sure that the user experience is good; This means that it is easy to navigate and has information that is understandable to your users. It is vitally important that your website has a mobile version; Remember that in 2018 Google, which is the main search engine worldwide, began to prioritize websites optimized for use on mobile devices in its positioning. Graphic content We are in 2019 and graphic content is trending. Try to generate graphic content that impacts your audience; testimonials, tutorials, product descriptions, how to use it. All of these are excellent ideas to generate visual and audiovisual content focused on your product or service. It is proven that users are more likely to make an online purchase when they can watch videos about what they are going to buy. If your company does not have the necessary resources to generate this type of content, an excellent idea is to collaborate. Influencers are the new celebrities and this, for your business, has a great advantage. Keep in mind that each influencer has a number of loyal followers who trust him or her.

In this way, if you can get one of them to review your product, you will have already reached a good number of potential buyers. The sales As with physical businesses, sales are a great way to improve your online sales . You should know that the same thing happens to digital users as to physical users when they see the word “sales”, “offer” or “discount”; go crazy. For this reason, if you are looking to boost your sales, an excellent idea is to include online sales times in your calendar; In this way, you have planned this strategy so that it does not get out of hand. Additionally, there are different dates that you can turn to to generate these planned sales; The best known Taiwan Database are Black Friday, which is celebrated the day after the fourth Thursday of November, or Cyber ​​Monday, which corresponds to the Monday that follows Black Friday. I hope this article has given you better guidance to improve your online sales ; Keep in mind that there is no step-by-step recipe for success, but there are guidelines that give guidance to achieve it. That is the idea of ​​this blog post.

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