Page experience update As time goes by, Google,

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Page experience update As time goes by, Google,

The most important browser, is updating its algorithm and improving it to offer its users the best possible experience and, next June, the new Page Experience Update will enter. Although these updates usually compromise the SEO positioning of the websites, since it alters the rules of the game that had existed until now. On this occasion, we come to present you the next Google update , which takes into account the main speed metrics , was announced last year and is about to be launched in June of this year. If you want to know what the page experience update is and what it consists of, then follow us and read this post until the end. What is the page experience update? It is the new Google update that will come into operation from June of this year 2021. This algorithm update has as its main element the loading speed of the websites, that is, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List metrics of the Core Web Vitals will take more relevance from the new update. We have already seen this dedication of Google to improve its services several times, as, for example, with the arrival of Penguin, Panda and the rest of the updates. It is true that all these updates have the ability to affect the SEO of our website , so we must know them very well and adjust to them as quickly as possible, in order not to lose positioning. What is the importance of this update? So that you can have an idea of ​​the great importance of this new update and how it can affect you in the Google web ranking , we will show you the following data obtained from a study carried out on 20,000 URLs and that involved the Core Web Vitals (CWV ). Only 12% of URLs , for mobile devices or smartphones, passed the CWV.

The 13% for desktop devices managed to pass the CWV. The FID in the case of desktop devices is considered negligible, as 99% of URLs are considered “good” in this regard. On the other hand, for mobile it is 89%. Regarding the LCP, only 43% of mobile devices manage to pass it , and in the case of desktop devices only 44%. The CLS was passed by 46% of mobile devices and only 44% of desktop devices. The URL that found at position 1 were 10% more likely to pass the test of CWV than those URLs that were in position 9 . What are Core Web Vitals (CWV)? The Core Web Vitals are metrics used by Google to evaluate the user experience on a given website and will be the measurement elements of the page experience user . They are a series of metrics that are responsible for measuring the time that the user must wait to start interacting with said website. The Vital Core Webs were divided into 3. Core web vitals LCP The meaning, in English, of this metric is “Largest Contentful Paint”. This is a metric in charge of measuring the loading speed that the user perceives in relation to the most relevant visual element of said page. In other words, the LCP is in charge of measuring the time it takes to load and render the largest element in the site’s viewport. FID In English, this metric means “First Input Delay” , and it measures how much time must pass before the user can start interacting with the site. Therefore, the faster the FID, the better the user’s experience when visiting the website.

CLS The meaning of this metric is “Cumulative Layout Shift”. What it does is measure how often the visual layout of the website changes unexpectedly. In other words, it is the metric that is obtained from the sum of the accumulated load time in terms of all the unforeseen design changes. So it indicates the moment in which unforeseen changes are no longer made in the design of the site. Why are these metrics (CWV) so important? At this time, performing an update and improvement of your Core Web Vital is one of the tasks that you should have as a priority. Because, as you have been able to read in the previous sections, you want to be up to date with this latest update in Google’s algorithm . And it is that the update called page experience user is done in order to add a new factor to the ranking process in its results pages. In this case, that new factor is the page experience , which was announced at the same time as the CWVs. It is known that these metrics Taiwan Database will play an important role in the new measurement for the ranking proceeding in Google. It is important to mention that, only improving the CWV of your site will not make it position itself in the first position of the first page of Google results in the new update page experience update , since it would only be one more of its positioning factors . In other words, maintaining good quality content that adds value to the users who read it is still of vital importance. We cannot forget that this is the basis of a well-done SEO job. However, you should keep in mind that it is a factor that will become more important in the future and can become the difference between being below or above your competition.

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