Payment gateways for online stores in WordPress

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Payment gateways for online stores in WordPress

Today there are different payment gateways to make payments and collections for an online store configured with WordPress. Knowing the different options that are available thanks to WooCommerce is of vital importance, but, above all, it is necessary to know how each one works and how to configure them . To start with, we want to introduce the concept of WooCommerce. It is the WordPress e-commerce plugin , which offers the possibility china mobile phone number sample of installing different payment gateways in an online shop . These are some of those that are available: 1. Bank transfer. 2. Payments by check. 3. Cash on delivery. 4. PayPal. 5. Stripe. 6. Payment by card. 7. Virtual POS. Next, we will focus on the 3 most used options and explain the advantages and disadvantages , as well as how to configure them. 3 most used payment gateways in WordPress We want to highlight three of the options most used by most companies that have an electronic commerce.

In addition, we will analyze the most positive and negative parts for the buyer and the seller of each of them. We will focus on Virtual POS, Paypal and Stripe . Advantages of using Virtual POS 1. It is a very practical and fast payment method. 2. Provides security. 3. It has low commissions. 4. You can have the money almost instantly. 5. Protects both the owner and the customer against claims. 6. It is one of the best known methods. The disadvantages of using Virtual POS 1. The authorization of a bank is required to use it. 2. Its installation is not immediate, since there is a waiting time while the bank grants the permit. 3. Some purchases can be lost because the buyer is redirected to another gateway to make the payment. 4. Normally, cards such as American Express are not accepted. 5. It is not implemented or accepted in some Spanish-speaking countries. Advantages of using the Paypal payment gateway 1. It is a fast and efficient payment method. 2. Ensures the safety of buyers. 3. It is a well known form of payment that generates trust. 4. Accept payments with different types of cards, also co-branded.

Disadvantages of using the Paypal payment gateway 1. It has a higher commission than other payment gateways. 2. The money stays in Paypal and it is necessary to carry out another transaction to reach the bank account. 3. Considerably protects the customer, but not the sellers, especially in the case of returns. 4. It is not an easy method to implement. 5. If recurring payments are made, it is necessary to activate Paypal Express. 6. It does not stand out for the excellence Taiwan Database of its customer service team. Advantages of using Stripe 1. Allows you to make quick payments. 2. It is safe. 3. Your commission is relatively low compared to Paypal. 4. Integrating it into the online store is a simple process. 5. It does not make the buyer leave the web to make the payment, so that the loss of sales is avoided. 6. No extra charges for recurring payments.

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