Performance It is becoming more and more necessary to attribute / remunerate sales / leads

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Performance It is becoming more and more necessary to attribute / remunerate sales / leads

To more than a single channel (multi-allocation). All channels have weight and importance in the sales process and therefore it is vital to advance in the adequate remuneration for each channel. Within Affiliate Marketing, one of the main advantages that will become relevant next year is the internalization capacity that affiliate marketing has for brands.

Contextual advertising
Contextual advertising will probably be the protagonist for next year. It is based on making a target based on the content where the user has interacted with the ad, instead of relying on data about the person. Another trend will be “mood targeting”, it is  list your phone number  situated within the contextual target and focuses on the correlation between the contexts that users consume online and engagement with the ad. It allows to find the most receptive users to the brand’s advertisement thanks to the detection of the optimal user status.

Social media
Users generate more and more fast content (Instagram stories, Facebook …) and less permanent content. Therefore, brands have an opportunity to create a space for their brands, with their own language, especially to connect with millennials and Generation Z. In addition, they can take advantage of this performance through ads that are reproduced in the transitions of ‘stories’ , and its results are comparable to the success of Social Native Ads.

On the other hand, with video and streaming content among the most popular content formats, Social TV is presented as a trend that Social Networks have not wanted to miss: although the queen of video content is YouTube, others like Facebook has included the Facebook Watch tab to access exclusively video content, or Instagram TV, which is also an environment dedicated to video content of longer duration than those allowed by the Instagram feed.

Connected TV
The reaction of broadcasters to the rise of OTT operators has led to the search for collaborative platforms that allow an alternative proposal to be conveyed to the user within the framework of the broadcaster’s offer. LovesTV, the joint proposal of A3Media, Mediaset and RTVE (which had already positioned itself in HbbTV with its Red Button service) marks a before and after in the consolidation of the standard in Spain.

Automation and big data are also leading to proposals that are increasingly closer to the use of Artificial Intelligence in Connected TV proposals, either to offer advertising more and more adjusted to the interests of the viewer, through addressability  list your phone number  or to reduce the distance between the content and the user who is faced with a virtually infinite supply of audiovisual content.

Online Video
Finding brand-safe premium digital inventory is key for advertisers in a world dominated by video advertising. More than 80% of all ad video in 2019 is expected to be programmatic. Another trend in online video are “Snack Ads”, very short videos that last less than 10 seconds and that arise as a result of the abundance of video content that companies and individuals are producing. Google even recommends 6-second videos to keep viewers’ full attention, called “Bumper Ads.”

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